These Are the Workouts VS Angel Martha Hunt Does to Get Faster Results

These Are the Workouts VS Angel Martha Hunt Does to Get Faster Results

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Martha Hunt isn't a fly-by-night model. She's walked in over 180 runway shows; has been the face of major fashion campaigns such as Miu Miu, Marc Fisher, and Ramy Brook; and, of course, she's a Victoria's Secret Angel, a coveted honor only a select group of VS models will have the privilege of holding. While these stats alone set her apart from most, Hunt also overcame a physical obstacle that a profession cemented in perfect posture and gazelle-like stature doesn't often see: scoliosis. After an extensive spinal fusion surgery that left her temporarily unable to walk, Hunt made small, cautious strides to get back in working order (all while miraculously clocking in at a whole inch and half taller). One mode of recovery Hunt used during this transition period was mild exercise.

"I fell in love with low-impact yoga and later Pilates," Hunt tells the Scoliosis Research Society. "I became very focused on fitness because I knew it was the only thing that could help strengthen my back even after surgery. Working out became my everyday regiment because I felt the benefits of my strengthened core and back and overall health. I also learned the importance of working out for function and doing low-impact exercises the correct way to help protect my joints and back. Although I lived with the negative stigma of scoliosis, I turned it into a positive thing in my life. It was my ultimate motivation for a strong body and strong mind."

It's true that physical fitness is required for Hunt's job, but given that she's become an expert of sorts in the area, when we got the chance to interview the model recently, we thought we'd ask her what her current routine looks like (along with other insider fitness and beauty secrets only a VS Angel would know). Her answers, below.

What's your summer workout routine? How many days per week and which types of workouts do you prefer?

"I like to mix up my workouts because I think that it's really important to diversify to get good results. So I'll take a mix of barre class mixed withВ Pilates and also strengthening workouts with my trainer. I like to mix lengthening with toning; I think that's the perfect combination." Maintaining variation within your workout means your body is working harder to keep up with the shifting demands. It's "finding ways to adapt, whether that's building bigger and more muscle cells or recruiting more muscle motor units," explainsВ Michael Jonesco, DO, a sports medicine expert at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. If you're curious how often Hunt works out, it's not insane-threeВ times a week is all.В

How does this differ from your winter routine (or is it the same)?

Turns out Hunt is a creature of habit. "For me, it all depends on my schedule. Maybe I'll work out ahead of time knowing that I have to be in a bikini for a shoot, but generally I stick to the same workout routine year-round."

What's your diet like?

Sticking to a moderate workout schedule requiresВ following a strict and clean daily meal plan, although,В Hunt's been able to simplify it. "I just try to eat a well-balanced diet and enjoy everything in moderation. Typically, I could have eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and grilled salmon for dinner."

Which products do you use to help your body look its best (for events or when you're off duty)?

"I like using a bronzer to give myself a natural-looking glow," says Hunt. "Victoria's Secret has two great new options for summer with the Bombshell Body Insta BronzeВ and В Bombshell Body Perfect TanВ for buildable color. I'm also a 'less-is-more' kind of girl, so I love wearing a neutral lip like Victoria's SecretВ Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain in Adored."

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What are some quick tricks for getting event-ready if you only have 24 hours?

Hunt doesn't employ any crazy detoxes or expensive treatments to be event-ready in a pinch. "If you only have 24 hours, I suggest getting a workout in in the morning to make sure that you feel your best mentally and physically," Hunt tells us. She's also a big proponent of getting a solid night's sleep. "A good mix of getting your rest and working out is the perfect combination."

For more on what a typical fitness and meal plan looks like for a VS model, check out ourВ interviews with Josephine Skriver and Stella Maxwell.