How to Nail Down Your Skincare Regimen This Month, According to Astrology

How to Nail Down Your Skincare Regimen This Month, According to Astrology

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


This month promises risk, which means that you'll be fixated on finding the perfect skin regime. This month requires trial and error-experimenting with different products so that by the time March 31 rolls around and Venus enters Taurus (the perfect placement for ideal skin), you'll have your perfect routine down, figured out, and can step into April confidently with glowing skin.

March 1: Full moon in Virgo: Opposite Neptune in Pisces means that you're letting go of obsessive thoughts and learning to trust more.

March 6: Both Mercury and Venus enter Aries: Love honestly expressed by you or to you. This is when people are confident and in touch with what and who they love, and this means you too.

March 8 to July 10: Jupiter retrograde. This means that moving forward in life requires that you work on inner growth and your spiritual beliefs-yeilding a psychological rebirth from the inside out.

March 17: New moon in Pisces: paired with Mars, Chiron, and Uranus. Learning and healing through crisis promise resolution via inventiveness and intuitive risk.

March 20: Aries season. The sun enters Aries. Fearless now, you'll cultivate more enthusiasm and energy via risk and self-trust.

March 22 to April 15: Mercury retrograde again. This isn't new to you, as you've done this 1000 times before. Three to four times a year! This time, Mercury is retrograde in the sign Aries, which means that you can expect some form of communication breakdown in relationships, with the purpose of gaining better autonomy and inner peace. Remember the golden rules:В No new contracts, no new electronic purchases-redo, revisit, rethink open-ended "things" from your past so that you can move forward in the New Year more clear and more open to receiving.

March 31 to April 24: Venus, the love planet, returns home to Taurus. Venus in Taurus loves slow and steady routines, predictability, and values quantity over quality any day. For the next three weeks, you'll find enjoyment through refinement.

ARIES: New skin.

It's almost your birthday, and your trademark fearless personality is likely to have a trickling effect on those around you. With the sun, Venus, and Mercury (soon to be retrograde) all in your sign this month, you're the one leading by example. Preoccupied with who you are and your place in the world, Jupiter retrograde (March 8) inspires you to go deep within and consider where you're expanding your mental and sexual energy. Mercury retrograde has you reconsidering how you come across to others. Toward the end of the month, things point to greater prosperity.

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TAURUS: Spiritually Attuned.

The majority of March you'll spend exploring your less physical side. Plan to spend some alone time to feel truly restored. Practice meditation and experimenting more with your products (i.e., masks and spritzers) so that when Venus enters your sign on the 31st your skin will speak for itself. We're not just obsessed with the face but skincare for the body too. Devout this month to a finding a head-to-toe self-care regimen.

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GEMINI: Circles.

Almost home, March lends a slight preview of what's to come over the next few months. You'll be busy, only you'll be rethinking the people you surround yourself with while Mercury goes retrograde. You know how to play social, and because you do, you garner all kind sorts of attention from acquaintances, some probably calling you their best friend, but truth be told-you probably only like a few people when you sit and think about it. Luckily, March will lead you through a winding tunnel of contemplation in search of discovering your honest motives for socializing so much. Let the wind carry you where it may and listen to your body.

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CANCER: Identity.

Who you are and who you are to the world might be two different things, but this month with Mercury retrograde on March 22 strolling through your career sector-you're focused on streamlining duality. March is fruitful and requires that you did deeper in regard to what excites you. Think big and let go of petty thoughts on the full moon in Virgo on March 1. Your skin is a little more sensitive this month, so we recommend something soothing and replenishing.

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LEO: Mind and body balance.

Beliefs shape our reality, and in March, this becomes the catalyst for your decisions. Home is also of the utmost importance for you now: When you feel safe and trust that your foundation is solid, you feel inspired to move forward confidently. If you were planning to travel abroad, you'll likely reconsider in favor of resolving things closer to home-this includes reconnecting with your soul. Think of March as an opportunity to reconnect with what matters most to you. Think full-body treatments and luxurious oils this month.

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VIRGO: Space.

When the mind is overactive, it can cause all kinds of nervousness, and you, Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury, have an overly analytical mind. Your planet goes retrograde near the latter part of this month, which means that you're reevaluating where you're unnecessarily overextended mentally, financially, and even sexually. Think of March as an opportunity for deep purging-get rid of the clutter in your life so that you have room for more pleasant things-things that matter in the long run. Naturally, a detox mask is what you need.

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LIBRA: Values.

Remember that no one other than you is responsible for the outcome of your life. If you're dissatisfied with the direction of your life, the people who you've chosen to share intimacy with, or how you spend your time-then now is the time to change things. Firstly, get in touch with what matters most-what you hold dear and value-this will open you to a new perspective. In March, dissatisfaction surfaces for the purpose of refinement. Get rid of products irritating your skin in exchange for something for enriching.

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SCORPIO: Health.

Health isn't simply working out and eating right, as health implies the conscious awareness of your emotions too. The way that you live your life, Scorpio, is all-encompassing-you want to feel things intensely, which makes you vulnerable to excess. Moderation is a difficult thing for you to manage sometimes. This month, try slowing down a bit, look at your relationship with time and your ability to surrender to the changes taking place. If you're unhappy with your current job and or how you spend your day-to-day activities, March will gift you a solution if you're flexible enough to listen.

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For a sign that's outwardly focused like you, Sagittarius, this month might seem downright confusing to you. You're pretty instinctual, and if any sign is in touch with what they enjoy, it's you. However, you'll be rethinking your experiences (i.e., what makes you tick, what habits you've accumulated over the years, and where you feel unsupported by those around you). The remedy to your confusion is to listen to your inner voice, not to rebel. To keep your skin intact during this inward journey, we recommend a refining cleanser, which reflects where you're at.

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Stability means success for you, and even more than that, when you feel that you're in control, all is well, but with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde later this month, you'll need to be more flexible. Rethinking your social strategy and ability to take calculated risks would be a constructive way to use your time in March. Growth comes from others, meaning that everything is connected, and is even a reflection of you. Exploring this idea opens you to new possibilities. Your skin will be active this month-slightly redder and warmer to the touch-finding a good, gentle renewing cleaner is what you need.

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AQUARIUS: Reorganization.

March will be off to a busy start for you with an important short-distance trip that will reawaken your senses. When Mercury goes retrograde March 22, it will touch on the structure of your life-how you communicate, share ideas, and receive the opinions of others. Not only are you reorganizing your ideas and thought structure, but you're also rethinking systems that you currently have in place to achieve your career objectives. Communication will likely be blurry this month, but know that it's for the purpose of rethinking things for the good of your future.

PISCES: Motivated.

You're clear about your dreams and determined to make them happen. When Jupiter, your ancient ruling planet (Neptune, your contemporary), goes retrograde on March 8, you'll gain new insights about how you can grow and expand beyond your original goal. This month promises a lot of fun, but when Mercury goes retrograde on March 22, you'll need to watch your spending a little more. Talk to your friends about what product they're using to find your ideal one.