This $12 Japanese Moisturizer Has a Cult Following on Amazon

This $12 Japanese Moisturizer Has a Cult Following on Amazon

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We love finding super-effective and under-the-radar skincare products. We also love finding inexpensive skincare products. It's rare that we find something that checks off both boxes, but when we do, it's cause for celebration. Most recently we heard about an all-purpose skin salve that has remained the best-selling skincare product on Amazon for the last decade (how's that for finding a customer favorite?). Now, according to NetDoctor, there's another skincare product trending on the giant e-retailer, and we're looking forward to trying it out stat.

This time around, it's a Japanese face moisturizer that's packed with super-hydrating hyaluronic acid. Reviewers say it's lightweight and non-greasy and that it even plumps dull, dry skin. The best part, we'd argue, is that it only costs $12, which, honestly, is equivalent to a couple of our Starbucks lattes. Keep reading to learn more about the little-known Japanese moisturizer that's currently trending on Amazon.

Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion $13Shop

The star product is this lotion developed for sensitive skin (meaning it has zero colorants or fragrance inside). As you can see, the packaging is in Japanese, without a hint of English. In other words, if you're not fluent in Japanese, you'll have to trust the internet for usage instructions and ingredients.

Even though it's a moisturizing product, Amazon users say it feels much more like a hydrating serum because it's so lightweight. Because of its liquidy feel, they say it soaks into skin, making it plump and dewy. That's probably due to the large amount of hyaluronic acid that's found inside. (Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrating molecule that traps moisture inside the skin.)

One Amazon user writes, "My skin is drinking this stuff up. I can immediately tell a difference in moisture once I put this product on my face. I will be buying again, but not for a while because this bottle will last FOREVER. I only use four drops to cover my entire face! Awesome product and didn't break my pockets either."

Head over toВ NetDoctor to read the full article.