These Next-Gen Wellness Products are All We Can Talk About

These Next-Gen Wellness Products are All We Can Talk About

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Welcome to the second annualВ Byrdie / Curated Beauty Awards. Last year, we brought you our exclusive edit of the very best in skincare, makeup, hair, fragrance, and wellness, and it is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to a completely new curation of winners across every category again for 2018.В

We know that you are educated, selective, and constantly on the hunt for the next greatest thing in beauty. That's where we come in. It's always been our goal to shine a light on brands and products that not only look and feel great, but deliver on results, and make you feelВ good. Because isn't that what beauty is all about? Our very own team of editors, one of our valued readers, and members from the Who What WearВ INF / NetworkВ have been intensely trialing some of the greatest launches of the last 12 months, because, frankly, you guys deserve to read about only the best.В

Just as we did in 2017, this year's winners are again broken into personalised categories, because "one size fits all" is absolutely not a thing any more. So whether you're interested in foundation for sensitive skin, a serum that will combat oiliness, or a holy grail shampoo for coloured hair, this is exactly where you're going to find it (and add it directly to your cart, because we're all about that convenience life). So without wasting any more time, we hope you enjoy all of the winners (!!) below.В

Keep scrolling for the full list of Byrdie / Curated winners in health.

Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia


Intrametica Toned Protein Boost $150Shop

It's super difficult to find a decent protein powder not packed with cheap, nasty ingredients, let alone aВ plant-based formula that tastes good. Developed by celebrated naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic Angela Smith, Intrametica is aВ range of high quality supplementsВ that focus on nutrition, gut health, and the link between inner and outer beauty. Toned Protein Boost is a blend of plant-based proteins (pea and brown rice), collagen, mesquite, flax seed, and a tonne of other beneficial ingredients. The vanilla maple flavour is sweet but not artificial, and it works so well in smoothies or a creamy bowl of oats. Most importantly, the protein boost will keep you sated for longer, eliminating sugar cravings.В


Beauty Boosters Complexion Perfection $60Shop

Fatty acids are essential for soft, hydrated skin, and this supplement has them in spades. Packed with evening primrose and fish oils,В it gives you a healthy hit of Omega 3, 6, and 9 without a gross, fishy aftertaste. We can attest to the fact that after a month of rigourous testing, our skin was less crepey, and more even-toned in general.В


Vida Glow Beauty Greens $60Shop

Here at Byrdie HQ, we're huge fans of Vida Glow. While the entire range is incredible, this greens powder tastes great, promotes gut health, and is incredible for skin clarity (thanks to a bevvy of super food ingredients like probiotics). A scoop in our water is a mainstay in our morning routine now.В


Slip Silk Scrunchie $35Shop

Sleep hygiene is definitely a thing right now, and we're huge fans of taking care of your skin and hair while you're at it (because we do spend, on average, a third of our lives asleep). These silk scrunchies will prolong a blowdry, prevent breakage, and eliminate frizz. Beauty sleep, indeed.В


Madame Dry Lightly Sparkled Rose Water - 12 Pack $50Shop

Rose water is thought to be incredible for its skin and health benefits, but this product takes it one step further. Filtered through rose quartz crystals and brewed under the Libra full moon, this is a beverage we can get behind. The taste is light and sweet, and it's the perfect alternative to champagne. One sip will have you glowing. Cosmic, crystal-infused sparkling water: We're here for it.В


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