If You're After a New Signature Scent, You're Sure to Find It Right Here

If You're After a New Signature Scent, You're Sure to Find It Right Here

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Welcome to the second annualВ Byrdie / Curated Beauty Awards. Last year, we brought you our exclusive edit of the very best in skincare, makeup, hair, fragrance, and wellness, and it is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to a completely new curation of winners across every category again for 2018.В

We know that you are educated, selective, and constantly on the hunt for the next greatest thing in beauty. That's where we come in. It's always been our goal to shine a light on brands and products that not only look and feel great, but deliver on results, and make you feelВ good. Because isn't that what beauty is all about? Our very own team of editors, one of our valued readers, and members from the Who What WearВ INF / NetworkВ have been intensely trialing some of the greatest launches of the last 12 months, because, frankly, you guys deserve to read about only the best.В

Just as we did in 2017, this year's winners are again broken into personalised categories, because "one size fits all" is absolutely not a thing any more. So whether you're interested in foundation for sensitive skin, a serum that will combat oiliness, or a holy grail shampoo for coloured hair, this is exactly where you're going to find it (and add it directly to your cart, because we're all about that convenience life). So without wasting any more time, we hope you enjoy all of the winners (!!) below.В

Keep scrolling for the full list of Byrdie / Curated winners in fragrance.

Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia


Penhaligon's Elisabethan Rose $279Shop

Rose scents are traditionally drab, but this sweet-smelling juice is bright, sparkling, and wistful. It's fresh and feminine, and speaks to the floral classicist in all of us. LikeВ a rose garden immediately after a summer storm Penhaligon's Elisabethan Rose is the perfect signature.В


100Bon Elemi & Ambre Noir $79Shop

100Bon is an incredible little French brand that produces completely clean, all-natural fragrance. Elemi and Ambre Noir is a creamy oriental that basically begs to be worn with a black silk slip in a dimly-lit restaurant. Spiked with notes of patchouli and vanilla, it's a spicy scent perfect for hedonists. Bonus points for the recyclable packaging, too.В


Venustus Aries $69Shop

Here at Byrdie, we're huge fans of Jeannie Bourke and her incredible salon Venustus. It's basically a spiritual wonderland, packed with crystals, sage, palo santo, and natural, ethically-sourced beauty products (all concocted by Jeannie herself). Her latest creationВ is roll-on scents based on star signs, and Aries is a beautiful mix of sandalwood, neroli, and lemon essential oils. It encourages power, cements confidence, and brings you in touch with your higher self. If you're not an Aries, have a peek onВ Venustus for your very own star scent.В


Commodity Nectar $133Shop

This scent literally smells like a citrus-soaked Italian summer. Available in-stores at Sephora, it's a vibrant mix of tangerine, neroli, and honeysuckle for a fragrance that's equal parts zesty and fresh. Best worn with air-dried hair and linen.В


Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge $127Shop

Bold and seductive, this new scent from the Narciso Rodriguez house is a warm floral on first spritz, before drying down to a soft, woody base. It's animated, sensual, and a sure-fire way to grab compliments. New date night scent, anyone?В