It's Official: This Is the Top-Selling Drugstore Foundation, and Here's Why

It's Official: This Is the Top-Selling Drugstore Foundation, and Here's Why

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Shopping for the perfect foundation already feels pretty impossible. But one of the toughest things about shopping for drugstore foundations, in particular, is the inability to swatch ourselves pre-purchase. There is so much that goes into our decision-making process-color, consistency, coverage, durability, finish-that merely boring our eyes into the contents of a bottle for five minutes typically leaves us unsure of our decision. (It's kind of as if we're hoping we can mind-read: Will you or will you not turn me oily, ashy, or altogether unsightly, dear foundation?) Therefore, we usually rely on word of mouth when it comes to choosing an affordable foundation to do our well-deserving complexions justice-whether it's from friends, co-workers, or even celebrity makeup artists.

However, the number of sales and quality of reviews are other strategic ways to determine whether or not a drugstore foundation will work for us. So when we found out which drugstore foundation has officially earned the number one spot in terms of flying-off-the-shelf frequency, we were intrigued. Enter Maybelline New York's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation, which, according to a representative from the brand, is this year's desirable number one among new foundation launches.

Maybelline New York SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation $12Shop

"The SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation is Maybelline's first long-lasting foundation that provides up to 24 hours of high-pigment coverage," a rep explains. "The formula conceals imperfections without a hint of caking while still providing a breathable, matte finish and providing the flawless complexion you've always dreamed of."

Plus, while not quite nearing other brands' mesmerizing shade options falling around the 40-count range, the brand is working to expandВ its current lineup, which currently stands at 16 (still not bad for a drugstore brand) and adding an additional eight hues which will arrive exclusively to Ulta stores later this summer.В

Curious to know which drugstore foundations you'd findВ among our admittedly more expensive formulas? Keep scrolling for five more drugstore foundations Byrdie editors love.В

L'OrГ©al True Match Super Blendable Makeup $11Shop

Personally, I've been using this $11 foundation since college, and I still think it performs asВ well or better than luxury formulas four times its price. This time of year, I also appreciate that it's infused with damage-preventing SPF.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin SPF 15 $13Shop

"I have pretty bad melasma and small acne scarring on my face, and Revlon ColorStay covers all of it,"В explains managing editor Lindsey Metrus. "There's also some magic that happens when my natural oils interact with the formula-it's almost as though it getsВ betterВ as the day wears on, whereas with most formulas, I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror midday to find streaking and blotches."

Physicians Formula The Heathy Foundation $13Shop

Loved by Editorial Director Faith Xue, this relatively new launch delivers the flattering finish and wearable durability of even our most expensive foundations. It even made our "best" of list!В

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation $6Shop

Hmm, what's better than a $6 foundation that also boasts 20-plus shade options? Not much. This is one of Ulta's consistent best sellers, and we're not surprised considering its impressive, albeit always-natural, coverage. Plus, it's specifically formulated to look good in every kind of lighting situation-a perk we're not mad at.В

Nyx Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation $14Shop

We pretty much never write up a drugstore feature without including Nyx. Why? Because the brand consistently wows us with its on-par quality and high product standards. And that being said, this foundation, in particular, is a standout. Boasting a silky matte finish regardless of how many drops you apply (customized based on your coverage preference), it seems to be universally flattering. Plus, the shade range, again, is impressive.

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