We've Found the Solution to One of the Most Embarrassing Gym Problems-Boob Sweat

We've Found the Solution to One of the Most Embarrassing Gym Problems-Boob Sweat

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Let's face it-boob sweat and thigh chafe are real-world problems. Whether you're in the gym or schlepping your way to work on a steamy train carriage (hello, Australian summer), there's nothingВ more unwelcome than that painful red rash that happens when your thighs or boobs can't handle the heat (pun intended).В

Enter Megababe. This buzzed-about brand is making waves in the beautyВ world, and for good reason. The two hero products,В Thigh RescueВ ($18) andВ Bust DustВ ($20) are here to solve basically all of our summer-related beauty problems. Boasting a string of killer reviews, both products are formulated without nasties, and actuallyВ work.В

Also, the brand now ships to Australia, so keep scrolling to add to cart.В

Megababe Bust Dust $20Shop

This fine mist is talc-free (win), and instead uses cornstarch to soak up sweat. It's also got lavender and aloe to limit bacteria growth, and cool down the skin.В

Megababe Thigh Rescue $18

Housed in a handy swipe-y stick, this anti-chafe balm contains aloe and pomegranate to heal and soothe, while lime disinfects and grapeseed firms.В


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