You Should Be Using This $4 Product for Everything, Says This Makeup Pro

You Should Be Using This $4 Product for Everything, Says This Makeup Pro

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Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Of all the revelations you might expect from Kim Kardashian's preferred makeup artist, the unadulterated praise of a very no-frills drugstore staple probably wouldn't near the top of your list-nor would the notion that the contouring trend is dead, for that matter. And yet, Mario Dedivanovic copped to both of these things in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, underlining a palpable shift in beauty from over-the-top glam to a more minimal, understated approach.

"Working with a lighter hand and holding back is the key," he said of the contouring trend he popularized. Instead, "Glossy is the new look-glossy skin, lids, and lips." And to achieve this dewy-looking sheen and avoid any cakiness, you don't need anything particularly fancy-in fact, Dedivanovic recommends just swinging by your local drugstore and picking up some good old petroleum jelly.

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly $4Shop

"Apply petroleum or glycerin-like products onto lids, cheeks, and lips for a gorgeous glow without powdery texture," Dedivanovic says.

It's not the first time that a pro has recommended a salve as a more natural-looking alternative to highlighter-nor exalted Vaseline as the ultimate multitasker. Get more ideas on how to include this wallet-friendly staple in your beauty routine.