Tammy Fender Told Us Her Morning Routine, and It's Damn Inspiring

Tammy Fender Told Us Her Morning Routine, and It's Damn Inspiring

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Ever wish you could peek into the beauty cabinets of other women? Ask them about each and every product before you gather your notes and make a beeline for the nearest Mecca? We did too, hence ourВ Real Women, Real RoutinesВ series. We're shining a spotlight on actual women, and detailing the ins and outs of their personal skincare routines.

We asked all the questions, from their approach to skincare, to issues they're dealing with, morning and evening beauty rituals, and the products they'll keep buying forever. In this week's column,В skin therapist, expert, and founder ofВ her eponymous skincare line, Tammy FenderВ so kindly walked us through every single step in her so-holistic-it-hurts skincare routine. Passionate for all things health and wellness, Tammy is a huge advocate for plant-based skincare, so you know her routine is one that's natural, and nourishing both externally and internally.

Keep reading for all the skincare products aВ plant-based skin expert swears by.


Describe your approach to skincare.

My approach to skincare is holistic, and my work with clients is focused on their overall wellbeing. When people are healthy, happy and in balance, it shows in their radiant skin. I work with amazing holistic remedies from the plant kingdom, which form the base of my skincare collection.В MyВ healthy lifestyle also enhances overall wellbeing.В I'm all aboutВ simplifying, rather than adding to the routine.

How do you go about choosing your skincare products?В

I'm a true minimalist, and the products I appreciate the most are those that can multi-task, keeping my routine pared down and simplified by nourishing and supporting the skin in a multitude of ways.В There is such beauty in efficiency.

Do you have any skincare issues you're currently treating?В

Over the past 10 years I've noticed that so many clients' skin has become more reactive, developing sensitivities as we all try to adapt to the modern lifestyle and its pace. Facing these new challenges-encompassing technology use, diet, exercise, stress and rest-has shown me so much about the power of ancient plant remedies and the importance of simplifying our routines wherever possible, altering our patterns to bring in more balance.

What products do you buy over and over again?В

I have three that I use more than any others-my Cleansing MilkВ ($80), which is so gentle and soft, Bulgarian Rose WaterВ ($95), andВ Quintessential SerumВ ($256) (my ultra-nourishing face oil, which I use throughout the day and layered under my moisturizer).В

Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk $80ShopTammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water $95ShopTammy Fender Quintessential Serum $256Shop

Anything you'd never use on your skin?

I always shop for products that are made with care, and without parabens, petrochemicals or artificial colors or fragrances.В

Walk us through the steps in your current morning routine.В

Before sunrise, I spend quiet time in meditation, which always sends me into the day feeling so whole and light. I drink water with lemon before I eat or drink anything else, which can help hydrate and detoxify the skin. I wash my face with Cleansing MilkВ ($80), or sometimes I just sweep it clean withВ Bulgarian Rose WaterВ ($95) on a cotton pad. And I follow with Spontaneous Recovery CrГЁmeВ ($242), which I created to nourish and to protect the skin. Breakfast with the family might be smoothies with fruits and herbs from our garden, and I love making home-blended tea, steeping sage leaves and fresh spearmint with black tea and local raw honey.В

After taking my daughter Savanna to school, I squeeze in a little exercise before work, varying my routine between stretching, yoga, breath work, pilates and dance. I also use essential oils in the morning, letting my intuition guide me towards what I might need to support the day, layering together a few essences on my active pressure points. After reaching the Spa, and my Apothecary, I recharge mid-morning with fresh organic juice, which provides so many vital nutrients to the body, and skin. Apple, lemon, ginger and cinnamon is a long-term favorite-so light and clean.В

And evening?В

Outside of my skincare, in the evenings I love to give myself a scalp massage with warmed argan oil ( it's similar to the Shiordara treatments we give at the spa, gently anointing the forehead with oil in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition). Of course, the argan oil also does amazing things for my hair, so once I've finished the massage, I wrap my head in a warmed towel and let it soak in for 10 minutes before showering.