12 Beauty Wonders From French Pharmacies

12 Beauty Wonders From French Pharmacies

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At this point, we've resigned ourselves to the fact that we will never be French-and thus, thatВ je ne sais quoi so characteristic of effortlessly chic French women like Caroline de Maigret or Lea Seydoux will forever be out of our reach. Cue the long, heart-heavy sigh (or should we say: le sigh).

The good news is that even though we aren't French, we can still channel the Parisian way of living-starting with our beauty routines, obviously. After all, what better way to channel our inner Marion Cotillard than by familiarizing ourselves with all the best French beauty gems? If you've ever stepped foot inside a French pharmacy, you'll know what we mean when we say that they're just better than your typical American drugstore. Rows and rows of chicly packaged beauty wonders greet you when you enterВ and promise to soothe all your skin ailments and hair woes with just a simple spritz or pat. No extensive eight-step regimen here (that's the beauty of the French way, after all). Ahead, we've gathered 12 beauty wonders from France that will do everything from make the whites of your eyes whiter (yes, really) to soothe chapped lips and skin irritations in one swipe. Keep scrolling to see them all!

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