FYI: The $20 Lashes Kim K. Wore Last Night Will Definitely Sell Out Today

FYI: The $20 Lashes Kim K. Wore Last Night Will Definitely Sell Out Today

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As expected, Kim Kardashian West ladled up some major beauty inspiration at last night's Met Gala,В from her sleek, Princess Jasmine-esqueВ hairstyle to her trademark contour (courtesy of her KKW line, of course). But what people really can't stop talking about are those lashes. More specifically, where do they hail from and how much will they cost us?В

Luckily, Kim's longtime right-hand makeup man, Mario Dedivanovic, has answers. Due to apparent popular demand (we're guessing in the form of incessant DMs and comments), he quelled our curiosityВ on Instagram earlier today with the ultimate antidote to our personal sparse-lash woes:В Lilly Lashes.

"Everyone is asking about the lashes! They areВ @LillyLashesВ in style 'Goddess,'" he confirmed in the post.

But of course, that didn't quite satisfy our craving for every single detail about the eye look, so we looked to a statement he gave last night describing more of his strategy and application process. "For glam, I focused on a dramatic eye and a subtle bronzed face. I started with the shade 'Albanian' from the KKW x Mario Eyeshadow Palette ($45) and blended into the crease. To give an intense smokey liner I used a smudge brush to blend the KKW x Argenis CrГЁme Color Stick in Dramatico ($18) along the lash line and outer corners of the eyelids. For added drama, I applied false lashes." And there you have it.

But wait-due to the over-the-top outpouring of curiosity in the Goddess lashes specifically, Lilly Lashes is currently offering 15% off the set in question using the code METGALA. But here's the catch. According to the website, there are only 10 left, so we recommend acting fast. However, if the site does sell out before you can grab your credit card, we're also including six more of Team Byrdie's favorite false lashes below as backup. Happy fluttering!

Lilly Lashes Goddess $20Shop

Behold: the exact set Kim Kardashian West debuted on the 2018 Met Gala redВ carpet.В

MAC Cosmetics 44 Lash $17Shop

This pair fromВ MAC offers similar drama and is actually a tad more affordable. Win-win.В

Lash Star Beauty Visionary Lashes 002 $25Shop

Not a fan of the gradient length? This plush set from Lash Star offers maximum impact with a length that's more universally filled out (i.e. you'll get less of a cat-eye effect).

Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Samantha $20Shop

This feathery pair from Huda Beauty is one of the most natural-looking we've come across. Plus, they're consistently sold out-a true testament to how divine they look once applied.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Cruelty-Free Lashes in Goddess $12Shop

Also called Goddess and featuring a comfort-fit cotton strip, these vegan beauties will be one of your next best options if you're wanting to upgrade the look of your natural fringe.В

Ardell Individuals Medium Black Lashes $5Shop

If we had to choose, these flattering individual lashes from Ardell would be Team Byrdie's unanimous favorite. Oh, and celebrity makeup artists and red carpets pastВ seem to agree.В

Lashify "A" Gossamer Lash Cartridges $20Shop

Made with 100% Korean silk premium PBT and featuring 28 lashes per gossamer, Lashify's take on false lashes is a complete 180 from the individuals and strips you're likely familiar with. To apply (and gain extension-caliber fringe),В use the brand'sВ Control Kit ($125). Normal adhesive and tweezers won't work with these, but the end result is worth it.


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