The #1 Product Freddie Harrel Swears by for Her Hair

The #1 Product Freddie Harrel Swears by for Her Hair

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A couple of weeks back, we talked all things business with influencer Freddie Harrel. The mother of one owns natural hair extension brand Big Hair No Care and recently opened a pop-up in Brixton. Since hair is at the heart of her business we obviously wanted to find out how she looks after her incredible afro. And since she has a baby, you can guarantee her routine is low-key but works, great for anyone time-poor (that's all of us then). Not only has she shared everything you need to know, she has also revealed the number one problem-solving product that she always has in her house.

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“Okay, so I'm going to be honest-I've been pretty bad with my hair lately, with everything being so hectic, so I got out of my routine. But usually I'll wash my hair every other week. I make a day of it! Not that it takes all day, but I do other stuff in between each of steps. I start by dampening down my hair and applying coconut oil (or sometimes castor oil) on it. I leave it for 30 minutes while I do something else. Coconut oil solves SO many problems, never run out of it,” warns Harrel.

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“Next, I rinse it a little bit, but not too much so there's still some oil left in the hair, and then I shampoo. At the moment, I really love the Charlotte Mensah range. I apply conditioner, which I usually leave on for around 20 minutes. I rinse it and finish off with a mask that I leave for 30 minutes plus. I love the Supreme Oil Mask by Mizani; the brand also does an amazing night conditioner called H2O.”

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“Before I rinse the mask out, I detangle my hair with a Tangle Teezer brush and rinse it. Then I apply a little bit of coconut oil while it's still damp and let it air-dry a little bit. I'm obsessed with oils, and Afro Hair and Skin Co. does an amazing oil. Following that, I apply Charlotte Mensah's Manketti Oil, and I twist it all and roll it in bantu knots, or I put it in cornrows.”

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