This $28 Product Is the Secret to KKW's Sleek Met Gala Hair

This $28 Product Is the Secret to KKW's Sleek Met Gala Hair

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The Met Gala is one of the biggest nights in fashion. So you know Kim Kardashian West was in attendance looking absolutely stunning. Her ever-changing beauty looks always keep us on our toes, as we never quite know what to expect. This time around, she donned a super-sleek high ponytail that looks like it was shining from a mile away. Seriously, her strands looked oh so glossy in every single photo of her on the red carpet.


Here's the scoop on the exact product her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, used that's responsible for her crazy-amazing ponytail.В

Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment $28Shop

You read right-a $28 product can make your hair look like a million bucks, too. Appleton started by lathering this product through Kim's wet hair. Using it to prep your hair so it stays frizz-free and smooth seems to be the trick. According to Appleton, this is how her strands kept up that glossy texture throughout the night.

Next, he blow-dried her hair and used a bristle brush to smooth and give her pony some volume. He used a curling iron to round the ends of her ponytail and finished off with Color Wow Firm and Flexible Hairspray ($18).

So ladies and gents, if you have a fancy night coming up and will be dancing in humid spaces, choose Dream Coat. It's the product that kept Kim's strands in perfect place all night. For good measure, here are a few more examples of her super-sleek looks to inspire you.


A classic middle part is KKW's go-to. Pulled back into a bun, it looks so elegant.В


Another super-sleek look paired with bone-straight hair.В


This blunt lob is one of our faves with a pop of shine.


Another blunt lob moment. I mean, look at how her hair glimmers.В


Her hair literally looks like it was painted on.В


And we couldn't end without throwing in this sleek, snatched ponytail.


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