Revealed: Kim Kardashian Uses These 5 Products for Contouring

Revealed: Kim Kardashian Uses These 5 Products for Contouring

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If there's one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Kim Kardashian West, it's that girl knows how to play up her natural beauty with makeup, a skill evidenced by her epic and extensive collection of selfies. We've been wanting to know her secrets for awhile, and after downloading her new app, we noticed she's finally revealing them. Keep scrolling for the five products Kim uses for creating what she's deemed her “dinner look.”


Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda $200Shop

Unfortunately, the Armani foundation Kardashian prefers isn't available. (Remember those adorable tweets she sent askingВ the designer to reconsider his decision to discontinue it?) The good news is that we love the brand's new version, above, for all-over coverage.В

Smashbox Bronze Lights Bronzer $34Shop

Kim uses Bronze Lights to contour her nose. All you need is a quick swipe on either side.

Sephora Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder $16Shop

Next up, Kardashian applies Sephora's brightening powder down the bridge of her nose.

M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 $19Shop

Then, to cover up any circles and bring the focus to her cheeks, Kim applies concealer in a "V" motion beneath her eyes.В

NARS Blush in Orgasm $30Shop

Kim finishes her selfie-ready look by applying Nars blush to her cheeks.

Do you use any of these products? Do you love them as much as Kim does? Sound off below!