7 Drugstore Foundations That Flatter Even the Palest Complexions

7 Drugstore Foundations That Flatter Even the Palest Complexions

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If you have pale skin, finding a foundation that will stand strong even when drama starts to unfold at the skin's surface can be a right rigmarole. Grey tones, dark circles, rosacea or redness can be hard to conceal on English rose complexions, and it's especially vital for pale skin tones to get the shade spot-on. Unfortunately, in the beauty market, these complexions are often left to deal with milky-white formulas that clash (rather than meld) with the skin underneath. But times are changing, and a new influx of lightweight foundations in realistically pale tones mean that even the lightest complexions can achieve an even base with ease.

Scroll down for the best drugstore foundations for pale skin.

Gosh Foundation Drops $13Shop

If you suffer from dryness and rosacea, this provides the perfect skincare/makeup hybrid. Add a few drops to your moisturiser or serum and then blend in until you find the coverage that works for your complexion that day. The less you add, the finer the finish.

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation $10Shop

The colour particles in this are pretty intelligent. Acting like a mirror, they reflectВ the natural pigments back off your skin, creating a sheer but effective veil of coverage. Ideal if you still want yourВ freckles to peek through your foundation.

CYO Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation $18Shop

In a fairly strong spectrum of 15 shades, this easily blendable liquid foundation contains vitamin E, allowing it to stretch and slide over the contours of your face, providing uniformity without masking. A medium to heavy coverage, it's a good one for nights out when you don't want any photographic evidence of blemishes or bloopers.

Collection Ultimate Fix Foundation $5Shop

A real clever clogs compact, this eliminates the need for a barrage of base products, including an extra concealer. Melting from a solid to a liquid and setting as a matte powder that doesn't feel heavy, it will keep your skin free from shine. It also contains SPF 15, so your sensitive skin gets protected from UV damage and photo ageing, too.

Nyx Mineral Stick Foundation $12Shop

Nyx shade ranges cater to everyone and have a great selection of hues for pale skin tones, spanning from cool ivory to soft beige. A nifty stick that's good for on-the-go use, it can be striped down the nose and blended out with fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation $10Shop

Fair skin can have the tendency to look one-dimensional, and some bronzers can look too obvious, so look for foundations with light-reflecting properties that naturally highlight the contours of your face. This contains SPF 30, has an anti-pollution filter and creates a luminous, dewy base. A good slap-it-on-every-day base that doesn't take a lot of precision.

L'OrГ©al Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation $15Shop

With this bouncy, trampoline-like cushion that's oozing with silky foundation, press the pad on top and then transfer the lightweight liquid over your skin. It creates a luminous effect that's flattering for pale skin tones and doesn't appear too done, so you'll be left with a sheer and natural-but uniform-coverage.

You've got your foundation-now discover what highlighter works best for your skin tone.


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