This Holographic Palette Is (Finally) Available at Sephora

This Holographic Palette Is (Finally) Available at Sephora

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Most out-of-the-box makeup trends have a rather short shelf life, and to be completely honest, we didn't think the holographic trend would last. Despite its ability to lend our complexions a covetable, ethereal glow, it's not a trend that goes unnoticed (especially at a 9 a.m. meeting), and it wouldn't have been the first beauty trend to be proved better in theory. Except, of course, it hasn't proven better in theory. In fact, it's pretty much exploded.

So much more flattering than we initially anticipated, holographic makeup (and hair) looks are taking beauty brands, social media feeds, and runways by storm. And despite the fact that a new prismatic product seems to hit the market each and every week, they seem to just get better and better. The latest launch? An out-of-this-world palette from Milk Makeup. No, really-it's inspired by the alienesque beauty of outer space.

Now available at Sephora, the Milk Holographic Powder Quad Palette ($49) boasts plenty of playing power. Not only are there four pretty shades to choose from, but also, the sky is the limit as far as the application: Pat it on the eyelids, cheekbones, lips, or dГ©colletage. Or if you're an overachiever, sprinkle it everywhere like we would do.

Universally flattering, the formula is enriched with meteorite powder and twilight pearls for ultimate sparkle and the skin-friendly ingredient list stay true to Milk's well-loved reputation. Vegan and cruelty-free, it also boasts skin-enhancing goods like avocado oil, coconut oil, and mango butter.

We're thinking the palette will be a new favorite, but to provide you with even more iridescent inspiration, we rounded up a few other honorable mentions of the holographic variety. Click through the gallery below to shop more editor-approved picks.

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