5 Ways to Elevate Your No-Makeup Makeup Look for Spring

5 Ways to Elevate Your No-Makeup Makeup Look for Spring

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Louise Roe

Another season, another excuse to refresh your makeup bag. While we love a good dramatic look, we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited to tryВ fresh-faced looks for spring-and we're not the only ones enamored with lightweight skincare to barely-there makeup this time of year.

Fashion journalist and TV host Louise Roe feels the same way. “Spring beauty is about wearing less foundation, very little powder, and more highlighter and shimmer. Beauty plays a huge role in my work, and I've learned the importance of looking after my skin and finding the products that'd be most beneficial to me,” says the London-born It girl. Another thing to keep in mind? You don't need to worry about trying every trend. Instead, narrow in on things that will work for you, says Roe, who told us there's one trend in particular that isn't for her: “Never say never, but I don't want to try frosted lips; it's too '80s for me.”

Ready to see what she will try? We got Roe to give us her top tips and tricks for nailing spring's top beauty looks.

Trend #1: Fresh Skin

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BYRDIE: What's the most important factor when it comes to keeping your skin looking its best?

LOUISE ROE: Consistency. It takes a couple of weeks to see a difference in your skin, so stick to a regimen that works for you. Always take your makeup off before bed, always use exfoliator to remove SPF (as it's thick and can block pores), and take the time to really massage product into your face; it makes all the difference, enabling blood flow and reducing puffiness.

BYRDIE: If you could give one piece of skincare advice, what would it be?

LR: There's only so much hydrating products can do on the outside-the inside needs to be full of good stuff too! Don't just drink water; nourish your skin with healthy fats like salmon, nuts, and avocado. Coconut water after a long flight is a winner too-the electrolytes rehydrate your skin faster than water can.

Trend #2: Poppy Cheeks

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BYRDIE: What do readers need to know about statement blush?

LR: It's a pretty throwback to wholesome '90s vibes. Think a pop of rosy pink on the apples of your cheeks, as if you've been taking aerobics for the last hour.

BYRDIE: What's the best way to apply blush?

LR: For the blush itself, you want to focus more on the apple of your cheeks and less on the cheekbones. Smile as you look in the mirror, and use a finger to pat the color onto the fullest part, blending it in before applying any highlighter or shimmer.

Trend #3: Tinted Lips

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BYRDIE: How do you achieve that just-bitten lip look?

LR: As with all my makeup advice, start with well-prepped lips. Scrub them with a lip exfoliator or toothbrush in the shower, and keep them hydrated all the time. I like to line them with a liner that matches the color of my lips and then fill in with a soft pink-nude lipstick. The key to getting that just-bitten look is that the lipstick is matte, not shiny.

BYRDIE: What's the most important thing to look out for when shopping for products to execute this trend?

LR: Look for the word matte, not necessarily nude. A matte nude can actually make you look dead, so keep the peachy, fleshy tones there. You'll need to try a bunch before you find the perfect shade. Apply it right to the very edge of your lips so you make them look fuller.

Trend #4: Mega Lashes

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BYRDIE: Why are mega lashes great for spring?

LR: I love mega lashes for spring; it makes me think of chic Italian women on the Riviera! Less liner, no eye shadow; just thick lashes on the top and bottom, paired with flawless skin and perhaps a persimmon matte lip.

BYRDIE: What type of mascara wand do you look for when creating this bold lash look?

LR: It's a personal choice, but I like the old-school fluffy thick wands, not the hard ones with short plastic bristles. It's easier to get to each individual lash and do multiple coats.

Trend #5: Glowy, Bronzy Skin

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BYRDIE: Describe a spring 2017 bronzed,В glowyВ look.

LR: Bronzers have come such a long way since the days of streaky brown stripes! Spring is about a natural healthy glow. For makeup, it's about finding the exact colors to flatter your complexion, and using a variety of products and shades (not just one single bronzer or blusher, for example), to create an overall 3-D look (with a little, but not too much, contouring and strobing).

BYRDIE: What's the key to achieving a natural all-over glow?

LR: Exfoliate the skin; then start with a great primer. To apply different bronzing products, make sure to use a variety of brushes. For example, with your darkest tone, use a small, short-bristled brush to swipe up toward the ear just under the cheekbone. This creates a shadow and the illusion of bigger cheekbones. A larger brush can be used to dust a light, shimmery glow over the face and dГ©colletage. Never forget to match up your neck, chest, and any other areas on show.

Can't pick one trend to try? You don't have to-head over to Bloomingdale'sВ to shop all the season's must-have products.

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