11 Best Foundations for Full Coverage Because Sometimes You Need It

11 Best Foundations for Full Coverage Because Sometimes You Need It

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There are certain times in your life when you need a full-coverage foundation. Whether you're getting married, you need to cover up blemishes, or maybe you're off to a fancy do, when you need a foundation to give you flawless skin in an instant, hiding everything you want to cover, you need that full-coverage effect.

Luckily, there are plenty of foundations that do that without caking your face. Thanks to a variety of hydrating formulas, many cater to the complete skin-type gamut as well, so you're bound to find something that suits you. Also, nearly all brands can work for a range of skin tones, from super pale to very dark.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the best full-coverage foundations.

EstГ©e Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup $33Shop

A classic, this liquid foundation promises to last 15 hours and stays matte, which is ideal for oily skin types. Also, it doesn't transfer onto clothes, which is an incredible plus point.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation $32Shop

Dry skin? This Nars foundation will give your complexion much-needed hydration as well as a flawless complexion. A buildable foundation, it will also increase your skin's brightness and texture if used every day.

Yves Saint Laurent Teint Touche Г‰clat $33Shop

Much like the iconic Touche Г‰clat concealer pen, YSL's foundation contains light-reflecting particles to help blur out any blemishes. It's lightweight but still gives you the coverage you need.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Foundation $28Shop

We've already told you how we're obsessed with the concealer from Amazing Cosmetics, so it makes sense that the foundation is just as good. While it's thicker than some of the other foundations on this list, it might just be what you're looking for. The only slight downside is it doesn't have as many shades in the range.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation $35Shop

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this doesn't really do what it says on the tin, but this Laura Mercier 'candlelight' glow foundation really does do that. Thanks to the pearl mica ingredient, skin glows while being totally covered.

Bare Minerals Barepro Performance Wear Powder Foundation $27Shop

Full-coverage foundation doesn't just have to come in a liquid form. If you've got oily skin, another option is to try a powder. While you might not think this is doing anything at first, as you build up (best using a brush with this one), you'll notice that you suddenly have a gorgeous glow and blemishes have disappeared.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Fond de Teint $30Shop

Before Charlotte Tilbury launches any product, she spends time working out what it is women really want. This foundation is like a skincare and makeup prayer got answered at the same time: Not only does it cover blemishes and give you a flawless finish, it also helps to reduce spots, acne, and help with wrinkles, thanks to the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C ingredients.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation $15Shop

Another winning formula, this time from Vichy. Perhaps the thickest of foundations in this list, this is ideal if you're really struggling with blemishes. It blends well, comes in plenty of colours and feels great on your skin.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF20 $31Shop

Don't like oil-based foundations? Good news: Shiseido's incredible long-lasting foundation is oil-free. This gives a semi-matte finish, goes on easily and is crease-free. Ideal for shiny skin.

Rimmel Lasting Finishing 25 Hour $8Shop

You don't have to spend loads to get a decent foundation. This one by Rimmel blends well and goes on light, which you can build for more coverage.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation $40Shop

There's a reason why this foundation from Armani has such a following: It gives you long-lasting coverage with a powder finish (hello, great for oily skin), and contains an SPF 25. It can also be used as a concealer if you're just after covering a few areas.


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