This Genius Beauty Hack Makes Storing Your Beautyblender So Simple

This Genius Beauty Hack Makes Storing Your Beautyblender So Simple

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Here's the thing: I've never learned to love a foundation brush. Whenever I apply my makeup with one, it results in a streaky or uneven finish that highlights my skin's texture and pores. Using a Beautyblender Micro.Mini Pro ($18), on the other hand, allows me to dab the concealer into those hard to reach areas without caking on unnecessary layers.

The only issue I have with beauty sponges is that they're hard to properly care for. The egg-shaped tool that makes foundation application so easy makes proper storage difficult. It needs to air-dry, sure, but I don't want to just leave it on my bathroom vanity. I certainly can't throw a damp sponge in my makeup bag (unless I want mold to grow-ack).

According to Racked, though, the perfect solution has been right here all along. This genius beauty hack allows a beauty sponge to air-dry while keeping it propped up above a potentially germy bathroom vanity. It's also incredibly inexpensive. Keep scrolling to see the brilliant way people are storing their sponges.

Creative Home 4 Natural White Marble Egg Cups $19Shop

Yes, egg cups are the genius household tool we'll be storing our beauty sponges in from here on out. Thanks to their open-top design, the damp sponge is able to dry thoroughly while keeping perched on a messy makeup vanity. We're immediately reminded of the old adage "simplicity is the trademark of genius."

The best part is that you probably already have these laying around in your kitchen cupboards. All you have to do is wash them out and repurpose them into makeup tool storage. If you don't currently have one, they're super inexpensive and come in a number of cute designs to match your makeup aesthetic. (We like this set of natural marble egg cups, which will store your beauty sponge in style.)

We love a good beauty hack as much as the next person does. Head over to Racked to view the full story. Then, check out six easy Beautyblender cleaning hacks.