This All-Natural French Beauty Brand Is the Meaning of Luxury

This All-Natural French Beauty Brand Is the Meaning of Luxury

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The world is still infatuated by French drugstore beauty brands, but frankly, I've moved on. While I'll never let go of my beloved CrealineВ or Nuxe's honey-flavoured lip balm,В lately I've switchedВ focus. Blame it on pregnancy, but right now I'm all about natural brandsВ that also happen to be luxe. The French excel at this combo, across everything from skincare to makeup, so I haven't had to shift things too far. Happily, I've discovered some newВ brands to obsess over.

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French Girl Organics CafГ© Noir Body Polish $53Shop

A mouth-watering mix of coffee, sugar and vanilla bean, this vegan body scrub makes short work of dry skin. I'll use it weekly for silky-smooth limbs all autumn.

Zao Lip Polish in Burgundy $33Shop

Cruelty- and gluten-free, and ecocert certified, this moisturising lip tint delivers on colour and shine. The burgundy shade is perfect for pepping up dull skin.

OdacitГ© Gt+L Radiance Effect $58Shop

I'm adding this concentrated serum (it contains camellia seed oil-said to be behind many a geisha's luminous skin), to my night moisturiser for a brighter complexion.

Studio 78 Paris Pressed Bronzing Powder $36Shop

This bronzer has serious skincare benefits-it's infused with anti-ageing apricot oil, and soothing chamomile extract. Plus, it's great for fairer skin types. (Like me.)


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