Yes, It Is Possible to Sleep In and Still Cut Your Routine in Half-Here's How

Yes, It Is Possible to Sleep In and Still Cut Your Routine in Half-Here's How

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As you sip your coffee in the morning, do you ever ponder how to start your day off more productively? Well, wonder no more, because this summer we're running a three-part video series with Origins featuring the morning routines of women who are making it work. Make sure to watch each video and shop their must-have products for getting themselves-and you!-through the day.

While there's no one-size-fits-all formula for starting off the day, everyone can benefit from getting more sleep. And when you love sleeping in (i.e., you're all too familiar with the snooze button), it's important to set yourself up for a stress-free morning rather than a rushed one. And it's totally possible: “Sleeping in is my favorite thing,” says beauty guru Caitlin Chapman. “So I've made it a point to prep my outfit and breakfast of overnight wheatgerm oats the night before.” This gives Chapman more time for catching her z's and also allows her to squeeze in a little meditation.

More sleep in the a.m.?В Nothing sounds better-except learning her breathing exercises and getting the scoop on her beauty routine, all in the video below.

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Still think you'll never be able to become a morning person? Hang on a minute. There are small changes you can make to improve your routine and have a stress-free morning, whether that meansВ increasing your heart rateВ orВ sipping on a cup of joe.