Learn How to Get French Girl Hair

Learn How to Get French Girl Hair

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The subject of how to get French girl hair is often discussed by many a beauty editor. And for good reason. French women have the uncanny ability to make their hair look so chic but completely undone at the same time-just think about the best-looking bed hair you've ever had and multiply that by 100.

Take, par exemple, model and muse Caroline de Maigret. She's often spotted at fashion week with the best tousled waves. The ends are not tended to, and itВ appears that she usesВ little product. Her locks are the definitionВ of effortless style. But how, as often we've asked ourselves, do those of us who are not blessed with being born French, get the same style? Luckily for us, David Mallett, one of France's most famous hairstylists has finally revealed the truth. Keep scrolling for Mallett's tips on how to get French girlВ hair, and shop the products we'd use to get the look.

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

In an interview with The Cut, Mallet revealed the first big bombshell: French women don't wash their hair much.

"I'll encounter women that haven't washed it for 10 days. At first, I was like Hmm, gross. Then I suddenly started to realize that they never had dry scalp. French women also cut their hair less often. It's about every three months, and that's plenty. In Australia where Mallett is from, I would see them go about every 4 to 6 weeks."

Okay, this is all useful information, but what we really need to know is how we should be styling it at home.

"When it comes to hairstyling," says Mallett, "the perfect recipe is self-control and not overdoing it. It's natural but better. The cut is simple. The hair is often in a loose pony or a low chignon."

"French women also like their haircut grown out. After a blowout, they often say, 'Mess me up so it doesn't look like I've been here,'" he divulges.

This is all well and good, but what exactly should we be asking for at the hairdressers, then? Well, for starters, we need to stop asking for layers as "when you over-layer, it misses thickness and fullness on the ends," says Mallett.

We should also think about getting balayage when dyeing hair, according to Mallet. But another idea is that we should try getting "a patina over our color, it's a transparent color wash that makes the color become more subtle and subdued."

But the one tip we'll definitely be trying? "When you blow-dry, leave a bit of bend, tie it up, and leave it out. Don't over brush your hair, and finger comb bits of it instead." Clearly, it's time to ditch the straighteners.

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