This $9 Dry Shampoo Tricks People Into Thinking I Have 10 Times More Hair

This $9 Dry Shampoo Tricks People Into Thinking I Have 10 Times More Hair

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As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know-tough life). Reviewed is a series where we report on some of the best products we've tried. Whether it's a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you'll find all of our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

OGX Bodifying + Fiber Full Body Renew Dry Shampoo $9Shop

Ah,В here she isThe one dry shampoo that kind of changed my life. Or, rather, my hair's life. (Since said discovery, my fine, limp, rather sad strands of yesteryear have pretty much left the building and taken on a new identity altogether-but more on that in a second.) You see, prior to discovering this gilded-and-blue can of hair magic in my fellow editor's bathroom, I had found myself in a serious dry-shampoo dilemma.

For years, I had endured a litany of intense yet short-lived relationships with a variety of oil-sopping formulas that while initially intriguing ultimately left my strands unattractively limp. It felt like a personal curse: As soon as I fell in love with a new suitor, one day it would suddenly up and skip town, leaving my hair greasier than it started. And mind you, this typically happened just when my strands and I needed a boost (e.g., before a date or a big meeting). Shady behavior, to say the least.

Feeling frustrated, fed up, and a bit fragile, I then did the unthinkable: I stopped using dry shampoo. And it wasn't until one of those fateful days when I mistimed my weekly wash cycle so that I was forced to sport freshly washed hair during a night out on the town. (Something you should know about me? My hair is never at its prime on day one; day two or three is when it truly looks its best.)В

Since my hair is naturally fine and straight, I typically blow it out with all the volume I can possibly muster on the rare occasion I decide to forgo myВ newly adopted air-dry routine. However, there's only so much the best volumizing shampoos, mists, foams, and brushes can do, and after the fact, my hair is usually painfully clean, slippery, and all-aroundВ not the best.

On this particular occasion, my co-worker and I had made plans to go out, and I was frustrated. Out of desperation, I braided my hair mid-Uber ride to her place in hopes of adding a bit of texture and bend into my too-clean and thus uncooperative strands. Spoiler: the improvement was minimal. Kaitlyn's apartment is pretty much a treasure trove of waiting-to-be-discovered diamond-in-the-rough beauty products, so as soon as I arrived, I began sifting. "Do you have any dry shampoo?" I asked. "Or, like, anything that will make me look like I have more hair? But that won't make it sticky?" Swiftly, she pushed OGX's Bodyfying Dry Shampoo into my hands. "It's good," she said.


Even though I know tons of people adore OGX, I'd admittedly been slacking as a beauty editor and hadn't tried much from the brand. So I had no preconceived notions or expectations; I was heading in neutral.

That said, IВ found myself immediatelyВ smitten. First of all, I just like the packaging, The nozzle-unlike 87% of the dry shampoos I open-didn't clog or fail to spray altogether, and it had a nice, satisfying spritz volume. It also smelled amazing, and I'm one of those peopleВ who is annoyingly sensitive to how a dry shampoo smells. (Not much plays well with dirty hair, guys-let's be real!) More importantly, however, were the results. The formula didn't discolor my light blonde hair, and while it immediately spruced up my strands with flexible body and volume, it didn't leave behind any kind of tackiness, stickiness, or all-around ickiness. In fact, I even went as far as to spritz it through my ends because the volumizing results are just that exciting.В

Approximately 10 seconds after my initial spray, the previous slip-'n-slide texture was replaced with the perfect amount of mussed movement, body, and bounce. I was stunned. I had found liquid gold, and it costs less than what I normally spend on coffee every day. (Yes, I'm aware I have a problem.)В "There's a hair god, after all!"В I wanted to shriek.В

I know what you're thinking: that kind of happiness just can't last. Yet roughly two months later, our honeymoon phase is still going strong. I still love my OGX dry shampoo; in fact, I bring it with me everywhere I go. When I forget to apply it, it's kind of like reliving that dream when you walk into your fourth-grade classroom with just your training bra on (or whatever your personal version of that dream is)-exposed and traumatized.

Plus, since this under-the-radar dry shampoo is infused with plant fibers and collagen, it's actually doing my strands some good. Overall, I'm addicted to this dry shampoo's soft and flexible finish, its impressive volumizing capabilities, and the perfect amount of grip it leaves behind for styling. Quite simply, it's the best I ever had. And yes, I even wear it with my sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on.

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