Lindsay Ellingson Shares the Products That Save Her Winter Skin

Lindsay Ellingson Shares the Products That Save Her Winter Skin

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I grew up in the desert of California, so I'm no stranger to chilly weather, but I never realized how drying winter could be until I was right in the middle of a bomb cyclone in NYC. Transitioning from dry, heated apartments and offices to the brutal cold leaves my skin feeling tight, red, and irritated. I'm sure many of you, no matter what your winter weather may be, can relate. It's a constant battle to keep your skin hydrated and glowing this time of year. As a model and beauty junkie for the past 12 years, I've tried and tested some of the most unique beauty products, treatments, and devices, and I love to spread the word about products that deliver real and immediate results. Keep reading to see my winter skincare routine and the products I always have on hand.


Lindsay Ellingson

Thanks to my mom and dad, I've always had thick, healthy hair and it's usually very low maintenance. This winter, however, has taken taken a toll on it. I've noticed my hair is more brittle and staticky, which can be annoying when wearing multiple layers of clothes. I discovered Ouai's Hair Oil on Instagram and I'm a big fan of founder Jen Atkins's effortless, sexy waves. I apply the product to the ends of my hair when wet and let my hair air-dry. It's the easiest and most effective way to get a gorgeous, shiny texture. What's even better is that it doubles as a natural fragrance, and the notes of gardenia and violet are fresh and energizing. The baobab oil in the formula is known to be soothing and nourishing for a dry scalp, so I love to use it as an overnight hair mask.

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Lindsay Ellingson

Dry brushing has been an important part of my beauty routine for years. I love how it stimulates the lymphatic system and removes dead skin cells. For me, another shower essential for the winter when my skin is more sensitive is a gentle sugar polish like Herbivore's Coco Rose body polish. It's gentler than other scrubs and melts into my skin. I like to let the shower run for a few minutes to warm up my skin, and then I massage the scrub in circular motions and shave for silky, smooth skin. The virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil leaves my skin super soft, while the coarse sugar gives my skin a lit-from-within glow.

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Lindsay Ellingson

Wander Beauty's Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks are like space-age technology meets beauty. I'm a mask fanatic-I've tried hundreds of them over the years. So as co-founder of Wander Beauty, it was exciting to create my own dream eye masks. The gold foil on the outside not only looks super luxurious, but the technology is also really innovative. Similar to a space blanket that you see at the end of a marathon, the gold foil works with the warmth of your body to retain heat. When your skin is warm, like when you step outside of a hot shower, you're able to absorb the maximum amount of serum. We enriched our serum with hyaluronic acid, calendula flower oil, and camu camu fruit extract, which contains the highest amount of vitamin C in the world. After 10 to 15 minutes I see immediate results-bouncier, brighter skin and fewer fine lines. It's like a spa treatment for your under-eye area.

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Lindsay Ellingson

I'm always on the lookout for groundbreaking, new beauty products, especially hydrating face masks. On Sundays I love to Netflix and chill with a great mask and detox tea. My newest find is Nuori's Supreme Moisture Mask. Nuori is known for creating the freshest, all-natural formulas. What makes this mask unique is that you can wear it almost anywhere-it's lightweight and practically invisible on the skin. I apply during flights or while at the office for an instant boost of hydration. What's evenВ better is the type of hyaluronic acid the brand enriches this formula with. Hyaluronic acid naturally has a high molecular weight, making it difficult to penetrate the skin. Nuori uses a smaller hyaluronic form that is split and easier for the skin to absorb. The results are nourished, youthful-looking skin.

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Lindsay Ellingson

My facialist, Ildi Pekar, is known for her unique beauty and wellness spa in NYC that includes treatments like her magnetic cupping facial, as well as her line of 100% natural skincare products. I love how each ingredient in her products is carefully thought out to effectively feed and nourish your skin. I was recently in for a facial-my skin was so red and irritated from the cold weather. Ildi treated me with her new serum during the session and I immediately saw less redness and a gorgeous glow to my skin. Her Tissue Repair Serum is enriched with CBD oil, a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient rich in antioxidants, which go to work repairing damaged skin. I saw even greater results after sleeping with the serum overnight. It's become an essential in my beauty routine. My skin just drinks it up and leaves me with a post-yoga glow.

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Lindsay Ellingson

I was recently on a job in Miami. It was day two of shooting and my skin needed a little pick-me-up. The makeup artist pulled out a makeup wipe, which I usually protest to since they can be so irritating. I instantly fell in love with these Comodyne exfoliating wipes-they are like a mini facial on the go. I love the added skincare ingredients like prickly pear extract and witch hazel. The microspheres embedded in the towelette deeply cleanse your pores, leaving the texture of your skin so smooth and glowing without feeling stripped. For me, it's especially important during the winter months to remove dead skin cells once or twice a week. My skincare products absorb so much better and my makeup looks flawless.

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