Secret Santa Ideas That Your Work Colleagues Will Love

Secret Santa Ideas That Your Work Colleagues Will Love

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When it comes to Christmas shopping, nothing is more stressful than finding the perfect secret Santa gift idea. First, there's the issue of the recipient. Unless you're miraculously assigned your favorite deskmate, it's likely you'll end up having to find a gift for a colleague you don't know that well. With little insight into interests and tastes to work from, you're left searching for something that universally suits all, that won't just get re-gifted next year. And then there's the issue of budget: With an ever-growing list of presents left to buy, it's vital that you don't spend too much on this gift.

To save you spending hours trawling the shops for inexpensive but equally impressive gift ideas for work colleagues, we've rooted around the best beauty stores to find the products nobody would be disappointed to open at the holiday party. And even better, they'll set you back no more than $20.

Keep scrolling for the best beauty gift ideas that'll go down a storm in the office.

The Konjac Sponge Company Konjac Mini Pore Refiner Rainforest Toucan $9Shop

With its ability to stimulate blood flow, encourage cell turnover and hoover up dirt and makeup, a konjac sponge is far more powerful than any flannel. It's great for any skincare buffs in the office.В

Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts $12Shop

This potent blend of bathВ salts contains powdered amethyst, Himalayan mineral salts plus essential oils of lemongrass, juniper and geranium- an ideal gift for your stressed-out co-worker.

Bulldog Skincare Original Beard Oil $7Shop

One for a male colleague, this invigorating beard oil contains numerous botanical oils to nourish, as well as citrus extracts to energize the mind.

Anatomicals Face Care Set $5Shop

Any colleague will be grateful for these soothing skin picksВ the morning after the office holiday party.В

Glossier Balm Dotcom $12Shop

Glossier's iconic does-it-all lip balm is a good introduction to the brand.

& Other Stories Belsize Beat Body Souffle $17Shop

& Other Stories body products fill the bathrooms of all the Byrdie editors, and its new scent,В Belsize BeatВ smells like a sweet French bakery.


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