This Secret Online Beauty Store Sells Every Single Product for $1

This Secret Online Beauty Store Sells Every Single Product for $1

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While watching a recent YouTube beauty video, the vlogger casually mentioned Miss A, a beauty retail site where every single product costs $1. I hit pause immediately and ventured over to find out that, in fact, not a single item on the site is more than a George Washington-the only catch is that shipping in the U.S. costs $3.95 for all orders under $35. But considering you can get 35 items for $35, you can easily avoid the shipping fee by stocking up.

The way it works is Miss A spends very little money on marketing or advertising to avoid product markups-some products even have zero markup. There's also no middle-man to hike up the price-everything is sold directly online. As far as product brands go, they work with a few select manufacturers who send them products from lesser-known brands (Celavi, AOA studio, and Santee, to name a few).

There are over 1200 products currently on the site (including skincare), from waterproof liquid eyeliner to false eyelashes to charcoal pore strips to makeup sponges. They also sell accessories, too, like sunglasses, jewelry, and socks and underwear (still for $1-crazy, right?). Many products are so popular they're even currently sold out, so you may want to act fast. Take a look at some of its coolest products below.

A2O Lab Charcoal Nose Strip $1ShopAmuse Matte Liquid Lipsticks $1ShopMakeup Remover Wipes $1ShopMakeover Essentials Contour Kit $1ShopSantee Waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner $1Shop

Have you ever tried any of these products? Sound off below and tell us what you think.

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