We've Just Discovered the Lipstick That Lasts All Day

We've Just Discovered the Lipstick That Lasts All Day

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I've got a very good theory as to why lipsticks are the size they are: You need them to be small enough to fit in any bag you own, as you will haveВ to reapply the stuff once it's on. Quite frankly, I can't be bothered with all the faffing that a "quick" reapplication involves. Not only do you need a mirror but a steady hand, and the latter doesn't come easily when on a bus or the Tube (and no, Uber wouldn't work either, lest I remind you ofВ thatВ Bridget Jones taxi-makeup-application scene). So you see my struggle. And I know I'm not alone. All we want is a lipstick that does exactly what its name seems to imply.В

I've been known to hastily put on moreВ lippie after a commute, after it's disintegrated between my 45-minute train journey and getting into the office. That's not quite the polished look I wanted to go for. I'm aiming for Miranda Priestly (sure) but end up being more Andy (sorry Anne Hathaway). Short of tattooing my lips, there are very few answers to this problem-or so I thought. After I discovered one brand's doesn't-budget-even-if-you-want-it-to lipstick, I found the ideal 24/7 lippie that will stop all the faffing. Keep scrolling to read more about the lipstick that actually lasts 24 hours.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Mon Cheri $16Shop

The longest-lasting lipstick I've ever tried and will now wear forever? Beauty Bakerie's Lip Whip. IВ went for the Mon Cheri colour (isn't everyone always hunting for their best red lipstick?) and discovered that not only was the pigment exactly what I was after-not too deep a red, not too orange-the lipstick stayed on all day. It easily passed the first-coffee-of-the-morning test, with just a hint of red on the rim of my cup.

Elinor Block

From top left to bottom right: morning to evening wear of the lipstick.

Lunch, I feared, might be a little tougher, and it did smudge, just a tad. But it gallantly survived the afternoon, and a couple of Jammy Dodgers. Before I went out to dinner that night, all I needed to do was to get out a (sharp) lip liner (Chanel's Le Crayen Levres in Rouge ProfondВ ВЈ18 is worth investing in) and simply line my lips to make it back to its morning's pristine look.

Before you start buying in bulk, there are a few things worth mentioning. The lipstick comes in a gloss-type applicator, rather than a bullet, but goes on smoothly. Once dry, there is no budging it. When you apply the lipstick, you should use a liner, as this will give you a better guide for where to apply the lipstick (ChanelВ and NarsВ for good liner action). Finally, you should know that it is matte, which I know some people hate but in this case it wasn't too drying and as a result stayed put all day. The only time it came off was when I finally wiped/scrubbed it off at the end of the day.В

Next up: the sixВ best nude lipsticksВ out there that suit every skin tone.

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