Riverdale Actress Tiera Skovbye Swears By This Hydrating Rose Face Mask

Riverdale Actress Tiera Skovbye Swears By This Hydrating Rose Face Mask

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You might recognize Tiera Skovbye from her role as Robin in ABC's Once Upon a Time or as Polly Cooper on the CW's hit show Riverdale. In the latter, her beauty look is classic and refined, just like that of her fictional sister, Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart). Polly's signature look involves fresh-faced makeup, a hint of a pink lip, and her long blonde hair pushed back off of her face with a simple headband. Like we said, it's classic, much like the original source of the show's inspiration: the vintage Archie Comics.

We were curious to see if Tiera's off-screen beauty preferences matched that of her on-screen character, which is why we asked her to share her five favorite makeup and skincare products of all time. From a fan-favorite rose face mask to an iconic pink lip balm and a no-fuss neutral eye shadow palette, we think their tastes are eerily similar. See for yourself by watching the full video. Meanwhile, we'll be stocking up on all of Skovbye's suggestions.

Fresh Rose Face Mask $62Shop

"I take this everywhere. I have a bigger one at home, which I use almost every day and then this little one that I put in my purse for when I'm traveling. It is the best face mask if your skin is dry or a little dull. I put it on in the morning. Then I jump in the shower and get my hair wet, and then just rinse it off. It is so hydrating and toning. It's the best."В

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye CrГЁme $38Shop

"I love the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye CrГЁme. When you're just waking up, you put it on and it brightens your eyes. It also smells really good. It smells like bananas-kind of like a tropical vacation."В

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette $23Shop

"This one my sister just gave me for Christmas because she says that it's the perfect all-in-one palette. It's really small and cute and you can put it in your purse. Also, it smells really good. It smells like chocolate, so I also like that. It's nice; it's got the basic pinks, and then you can go smokier or darker with the classic brown. I actually have it on right now."В

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment $24Shop

"This is also another Fresh productВ because I'm obsessed. This is the Rose Lip Balm, which you can tell I use a lot cause there's literally none left. I have it on. You can put it on top of other pigments, other colors. It's super hydrating, really smooth, and they have these in a gazillion different colors. This one's my favorite because it's just the right amount of sheen, but it's not sticky glossy. It's shiny and a nice light pink color."

Bite Beauty Multistick in Creme Caramel $24Shop

"Now this one-this is my favorite. This is the Bite Beauty Multistick. This one is Creme Caramel color, but they have them in a bunch of different colors. You can use this as eye shadow if you just use your finger and dab it on your eyelids. You can also use this as blush and lipstick. This is my favorite color cause it's really subtle and it's the perfect tone for my skin. It brightens your eyes and your cheeks. It's the best. And the good thing with Bite products is that they're all-natural."

You can see Skovbye on this season's Riverdale, or you can catch up with her onВ Twitter andВ Instagram.В


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