Watch: Tinashe Swears By This $8 Hair Cream to Smooth Down Flyaways

Watch: Tinashe Swears By This $8 Hair Cream to Smooth Down Flyaways

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Tinashe is one of those celebs who seems to do everything well-both in beauty and in general. She's a singer, songwriter, actress, and model who is also the star of John Frieda's new campaign (now that's a rГ©sumГ©). She has perpetually glowing skin, perfectly maintained nails, and hair that always looks "done." Take one look at her and you know she has some serious beauty chops.

Here, she dishes on the five beauty products that she can't go without. These are those rare few that always have a place in her makeup bag, on her bathroom vanity, and in her beauty routine. From the high-end lip crayon that she swears is the perfect nude color to the two-in-one powder and cream eye shadow she swears by and the $8 frizz-easing hair cream she uses all the time, rest assured that these are her crГЁme de la crГЁme picks. To see all five of Tinashe's favorite beauty products, click to watch the full video.

Beautyblender Pro One $20ShopChanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur in No. 9 $37ShopJohn Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Cream $8ShopMAC Prep + Prime Fix Little MAC $12ShopTom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Sun Worship $62Shop

Next, see our exclusive interview with Tinashe, where she dishes on how she overcame her anxiety and how she gets a good night's sleep.


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