Lindsay Ellingson Keeps These 5 Hair Products in Constant Rotation

Lindsay Ellingson Keeps These 5 Hair Products in Constant Rotation

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Lindsay Ellingson

I'm not a girl who washes, blow-dries, curls, and styles my hair every day. Like anyone who's constantly on the go, my minutes are precious in the morning, so styling my hair needs to be fast. I rely on products that are effortless yet effective to keep me feeling confident without too much touching up. It's also important to establish a healthy hair routine. I always check the ingredient list when shopping for anything beauty.

Below I'm sharing my favorite healthy hair tips to save time, nourish your locks, and achieve chic yet undone styles.

Sulfate-Free (That Works)

Lindsay Ellingson

I'm a big fan of natural beauty, and that includes my haircare. I love the idea of sulfate-free shampoos, but many I've tried over the years leave my hair flatter and oilier the next day. Playa, a haircare line I recently discovered with a laid-back California spirit, creates products that have worked wonders on my hair.В Its Everyday Shampoo is my go-to; it leaves my hair feeling clean and weightless after each use. It contains a gentle coconut cleanser that lightly foams with water. It's the perfect amount of bubbles to work through tough tangles and leave your scalp feeling nourished. I'm really into natural ingredients, and I love that the brand added sugar beet and spirulina extract to promote hair volume and growth.

Playa Everyday Shampoo $28Shop

Mermaid Hair

Lindsay Ellingson

There's nothing better than “mermaid” hair. I've had stylists spend hours re-creating those effortless waves that the ocean gives us after a day at the beach. Since I do my best to stay away from styling tools, I rely on salt sprays to mimic this beachy effect and enhance the natural waves in my hair. I like to wash my hair, spritz with Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray, scrunch for texture, and then air-dry. What I love about Rahua is how soft and healthy my hair feels throughout the day. The pink sea salt gives texture and light hold without feeling crunchy, while guava sugar leaves my hair feeling smooth. The tousled texture I achieve is an instant confidence boost for me no matter if I'm on or off the beach.

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray $32Shop

Chic Accessories

Lindsay Ellingson

Hair accessories are having a moment, and I love it-everything from '90s clips to zigzag headbands and scrunchies. It's a great way to change up my look and it's fast! One of my favorite brands is Sylvain Le Hen. His barrettes were first introduced to me in France at the Cannes Film Festival. My hairstylist added a silver cuff to my low pony, which instantly elevated my red carpet look. There are also sleek options for the day. My favorite is the brand's thin gold barrette because it almost disappears into my hair. I pull half of my hair back and clip in place. It's a fun, easy way to dress up your look and style your hair on a busy day.

Sylvain Le Hen Barrette 046 in Black Silver $55Shop

Ouai Good

Lindsay Ellingson

When my hair and scalp are feeling especially dry, I treat them overnight with Ouai Hair Oil. This formula is rich in ingredients like Moringa oil, which strengthens the hair follicle, and baobab seed oil, which nourishes a sensitive scalp and absorbs easily into hair for a beautiful shine. I keep a travel-size oil in my bag; it's great to use before long flights. I massage from scalp to ends and then braid my hair to lock in the moisture. As a bonus, the braids give me heat-free, gorgeous texture upon arrival.

Ouai Haircare Hair Oil $28Shop

The Time Saver

Lindsay Ellingson

My hair is very thick-I've seen stylists mouths drop when they touch my hair and find out just how heavy it is. Some say it's like four heads of hair in one! Although I love when my hair looks pretty and polished, I would much rather spend extra minutes in the morning sipping coffee or layering on skincare. Dry shampoo is a must-have for women like me who don't have the time or energy to wash their hair every day. My favorite is R+Co Death Valley, created by three of the top hairstylists in the industry. It's more than a dry shampoo; it's an experience. The scent is a hard-to-define mix of fig and lotus, which I find so refreshing. Not only does this formula instantly absorb excess oil and add volume, but the vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 strengthen and nourish my locks.

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo $32Shop

The Hair Essential

Lindsay Ellingson

One of the unique hair products I've tried is Briogeo's Scalp Revival Charcoal and Coconut Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo. I use charcoal face masks and drink charcoal water to cleanse, so why not apply to my hair and scalp? The binchotan charcoal draws out impurities and removes dead skin cells, as well as any product buildup. It's like the ultimate hair and scalp detox and reset. After my first use, I woke up with shiny, soft, voluminous hair. It's essential in my Sunday beauty routine.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo $42Shop

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