Sephora's New Nail Polish Brand, Formula X

Sephora's New Nail Polish Brand, Formula X

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When it comes to nail art, or even nail polish, there's no shortage of options. One brand's known for its glitters, another its decals, yet another for its exotic textures, but Formula X, the new nail collection from Sephora, aims to be a one-stop shop for all things nails. “It was really born out of the desire to offer everything that a client is looking for in one place,” says Kristin Walcott, Sephora's Vice President. “It's the most expansive and extensive nail brand on the market; a unique fusion of science and art.”
The System ($32)-a cleanser, base, and topcoat-is at the foundation of Formula X. Then there are about 200 shades of polish (with seasonal additions), half of which offer special effects, ranging from your basic glitter, The Brilliants, to confetti topcoats, The Xplosives. Don't want to build your own nail art? You can press on the ASAP 3D Real Nail Lacquer Appliques ($15), made from actual nail polish and lasting up to 14 days. “I don't think nail art is going away at all,” says Walcott. “It's an incredibly vibrant form of art and self expression that I don't see fading.”
Want proof? Chloe Moretz debuted Formula X on the red carpet this week, at the Los Angeles premiere of Carrie. Manicurist Christina Aviles painted the actress' nails with two coats of The New Neutrals ($11) in Perfection, a smoky violet shade. “We finished with Formula X for Sephora Top Coat ($11),” she says. “And while it was still a little tacky, we applied a round black stud at the base of the nail, pressing lightly to make sure it adhered.”
For more nail art inspiration-and specific shade identification-check out Formula X's interactive website, live today!

Sephora Formula X Top Coat $11ShopSephora Formula X The System $32ShopSephora Formula X ASAP 3D Real Nail Lacquer Appliques $15ShopSephora Formula X The New Neutrals $11ShopSephora Formula X The Brilliants $13ShopSephora Formula X The Xplosives $13Shop


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