8 Skin Products Byrdie Editors Say Will Be Bestsellers in 2019

8 Skin Products Byrdie Editors Say Will Be Bestsellers in 2019

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New skincare products are a dime a dozen-hundreds launch each year based on popular ingredients and results-driven formulations. In the beauty industry, the last few years have been defined by various brightening, tightening, and hydrating innovations. ButВ now, in 2019, it feels like consumers are more educated than ever before. They knowВ the latest drops and they want to tryВ each one for themselves (that is, after a thorough online research period). As such, based on general feedback from the industry, as well as our readers, there are a few formulas we believe will start to sell out immediately. Some already have.В

With that in mind, I tapped the rest of the editors at Byrdie HQ for their predictions on what the bestsellers of the year will be. Each one brought up products they've tried and seen hyped on the internet. Below, find our thoughts for the products worth looking into this year, from a glowy, plumping moisturizerВ and hydrating facial spray to an exfoliating mask and effective retinol. Keep scrolling for what we believeВ will be theВ most popular products of 2019.

Hallie Gould, senior editor

NГ©cessaire The Body Lotion $25Shop

"Already a certified beauty editor favorite, Nécessaire's sole, unscented body lotion is the real deal. Co-founder Randi Christiansen calls the formula a "multivitamin for skin health,” as it's made with three oils-marula, cacao, and meadowfoam-as well as holy grail ingredients like niacinamide and peptides for brightening and firming. "Peptides are predominately used in facial skincare, but we felt it was worth it to include them," Christiansen told Faith earlier this year. There's something alluring about the idea of an unscented body lotion, it creates the opportunity for everyone to love it. You, your S.O., your mother, anyone. People have such strong reactions and associations with scent that excluding that factor all together speaks to the quality of the product and its universal appeal. So, yes, it rules. And I can't get through a day of scrolling without seeing it emblazoned across my Instagram-which leads me to believe the brand will have trouble keeping it in stock for all of 2019."

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream $48Shop

"I've been a devotee of Tatcha'sВ Luminous Dewy Skin MistВ ($48) for years-using it as a makeup-setting spray, refreshing spritz during a 3 p.m. slump, and even using it to dampen my Beautyblender before applying foundation. It's one of those products I know will earn me compliments whenever I use it. Now, the brand has dropped itsВ creamy counterpart. Prior to the product's official launch, makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic revealedВ the glow-giving formula at his master class with Kim Kardashian West. It'sВ a product thatВ serves up theВ same shimmer-free, naturally dewy skin, only this time it's a rich, emollient cream rather than a mist. There's Japanese purple rice, hyaluronic acid, and natural botanical abstracts (the same onesВ as the mist) to nourish, replenish ceramides, stimulate collagen production, and very literally plump up your skin. All you need is a small scoop for all the dew-inducing, plumping properties to take over. Based on the results (which are awe-inspiring) and the way it was launched (anything Kardashian-related turns to gold, no?), my prediction is this cream will have quite the year."

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist $28Shop

"Seeing as Glow Recipe's WatermelonВ Overnight Mask,В WatermelonВ Pink Juice Moisturizer, and Watermelon GlowВ Jelly Sheet MaskВ all garnered massing waitlists, there's no doubt the brand's newest launch-a watermelon facial spray-will do the same. The mist feels so delicate (as in, it won't drown you when you try to give it a spritz) and is packed with a mix of 84% watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and hibiscus AHAs to refresh your skin and help set makeup to boot. Shake it before you spray it to blend together the oil layer with the product's water-based actives to soften, smooth, and, you guessed it, glow."

Lindsey Metrus, senior editor

Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream $74Shop

"It's no secret that retinol is the gold standard in preventative (and reactive) care for skin maturation, so we're not surprised buzzy skincare brand Drunk Elephant is breaking into the space.В Retinol is gentler than prescription or granactive retinoids you'll find in other solutions, so its the perfect starter retinol cream and/or answer for sensitive skin types. It's also packed with healthy oils like passionfruit, apricot, marula, and jojoba to help replenish the skin barrier, the perfect supplement for a historically inflammatory ingredient like retinol."

Summer Fridays R + R Mask $52Shop

"Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of physical exfoliators. Instead, I'm all about acids (glycolic in particular) and feel more comfortable letting them dissolve inactive cells rather than buffing at my sensitive skin and risking small tears and abrasions. Plus, scrubs feel messy to me. But R+R is different: the polishing particles are very fine and wipe off nicely-not to mention the act of using a warm washcloth to remove rose petals from my face feels like the stuff of royals. And even on my redness-prone skin, I don't feel irritated or raw afterward.

"In an Instagram-centric world, packaging is a huge selling point, and suffice to say, co-founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland have nailed the concept of photo-worthy curb appeal. Each formula comes by way of a chicly-colored aluminum tube only made better by the crumples and creases it gains with use. Plus, the very concept of using a mask is social media fodder in and of itself; the entire process is worth documenting. So while past launches Jet Lag and Overtime are alluring, to be sure, newcomer R+R is perhaps the most photogenic of the bunch. Its dusty-pink tube is filled with a clear gel flecked with colorful rose flower powder (also known as the "apothecary's rose"). If springtime came in skincare form, this would be it."

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution $7Shop

"You may have looked at the concentration of this peel and gasped-30% AHA is quite high for an over-the-counter product, so it's certainly not intended for those with sensitive or redness-prone skin. However, for those who are used to higher solutions, it's made with Tasmanian pepperberry which is proven to help reduce irritation and also gives the formula its pretty wine hue. The high praise it's already garnered from customers for helping them achieve smoother, more glowing complexions, as well as the fact it only retails for $7 makes me think it'll be a huge home run this year."

Faith Xue, editorial director

Natura BissГ© Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield $105Shop

"The sad news is, the light emitted from our iPhones and laptops can age us just like UVA/UVB rays from the sun. Thus, there's a whole slew of new skincare products that promise to help protect your skin from the HEV/blue-light rays we're exposed to on a daily basis. My current favorite is NaturaBissГ©'sВ Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield ($105), which I keep on my desk and spritz throughout the day. It's made with free radical-fighting ingredients that protect from pollutants in the air, too (and also happens to smell amazing). Other HEV skincare products to try: Make'sВ Moonlight Primer ($55) and Pur'sВ Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray ($17)."

Pixi In-Shower Steam Facial $22Shop

"Showers are the new baths, and in 2019, I'm predicting a lot more in-shower skincare products making a splash (literally). We're all short on time, so if I can use a product that will give me glowing skin while I'm shaving my legs, then sign me up. Kora Organics has a great brightening turmeric maskВ ($48) that Miranda Kerr told me she likes to apply in the shower for maximum glow, and Pixi just came out with a newВ In-Shower Steam Facial ($22) that's heat activated and leaves your skin feeling silky-soft.


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