I Went on a Mission to Find the Perfect Texture Spray and Found 7

I Went on a Mission to Find the Perfect Texture Spray and Found 7

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As a daily wearer of a wavy bob hairstyle, I don't take my texture sprays lightly. After years of attempting to master the oops-I-didn't-know-I-was-chic undone wavy hairstyle, I've made my way through probably 50 dry texturizing sprays in search of the perfect one. When I seek out a texture spray, I'm looking for a few specific qualities: an ability to instantly add a messy bedhead appearance, all-day hold (but with no stickiness or crunchiness), and a hypnotic smell that, I don't know, will trick everyone I encounter into falling in love with me?

Recently, I decided to take my search a little more seriously and went on a bit of a texture spray bender in hopes of finding one that would meet these requirements. To my hair's benefit, I ended up finding seven. Read on to discover the hands-down best texture sprays on the market, according to yours truly (plus some cute photos of our editors' hair after using them).

@amanda_montell Sam McKnight Easy Up-Do Texture Spray $36Shop

This chicly packaged bottle caught my eye on a shelf at Violet Grey the other week, and without thinking instantly grabbed it and sprayed it all over my head. Though the product has a lot of grip and was formulated specifically for updos (textured braids, topknots, etc.), it's non-sticky enough that you can (and should) totally use it on loose waves as well. Oh yes, and the scent. Think water lily, pepper, and juniper, like a garden in Southern California.

Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray $14Shop

Kristin Ess's haircare line is so elegant looking you'd never guess the productsВ come at a drugstore price tag. The texture spray has quickly become a favorite from the line-it provides the perfect amount of undone messiness withВ zero sticky residue. It's cruelty-free and smells divine; I genuinely have no negative critiques.

@faith_xue Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray $26Shop

I've been super into Ouai's take on texture spray for its lightweight feel and ability to provide a voluminous bedhead look while also absorbing oil like a dry shampoo. Its gardenia scent is also so hypnotic that whenever I wear it, people think it's a delicious floral perfume.

Playa Endless Summer Spray $28Shop

Byrdie's editorial director, Faith Xue, turned me onto this so-pretty-it's-painful texture spray, which truly provides the ideal post-beach tousled aesthetic. (In fact, the product was formulated with sea salt collected in Southern California.) The formula features other good-for-you ingredients like marine collagen and a UV shield, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your hair every time you spray.

Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray $25Shop

I never see anyone talking about this product, but ifВ you're going for big hair, you won't find a better styling spray. The formula is flexible, fast-drying, and non-sticky, but also adds instant volume and structure to the hair when sprayed at the root, more so than any dry texturizer I've tried. Its musky scent is also absolutely to-die-for.

@mayaalenaa Rusk Dry Finishing Spray Medium Hold $15Shop

Another sleeper hit? This affordable product that instantly offers the cool messy texture of products thrice the price and stays put for hours. It also smells like a high-end fragrance that lingers throughout the day, but not too strongly-I genuinelyВ cannot get enough.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $46Shop

What would a roundup of the best texture sprays be without including this iconic pick? It may be pricey, but the matchless tousled finish, all-day hold, grease-soaking action, and seductive signature CГґte d'Azur scent make Oribe's dry texturizer consistently one of the best on the market. в–

Do you have a favorite texture spray? DM us your product recs @byrdiebeauty!