9 Little-Known Buys That Will Transform Your Body

9 Little-Known Buys That Will Transform Your Body

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Sometimes, no matter how well you eat, how much water you drinkВ and how hard you train,В the results you get just aren't what you're expecting. That's because, at times, our bodies need a little helping hand. Which is where supplements come in.

Whether powder, capsule or tablet form, supplements are known forВ packing a mighty dose of health-boosting benefits. And it's no surprise considering the growing trend for health and wellness that the supplement market is booming. According toВ data from Mintel, nearly half of Britons will take a vitamin or supplement daily.В

But with so many products available, it can be hard to find quite which one is right for your needs. Whether you're worried about your hair looking a bit flat, your immune system being low or skin looking dull, there should be a supplement that can help. So we've rounded upВ some of the best-selling and top-rated health and beauty supplements on Amazon.

Click through the gallery below to see which supplements have made the cut.

True Veda Organic Ashwandha $30Shop

This Ayurvedic supplement is also known asВ Withania somnifera, or Indian Ginseng, and is renowned for its immune-boosting abilities and for helping to deal with stress and anxiety.В

Number of reviews:В 369

What shoppers are saying:В

"Yes, the packaging is lovely - but that level of quality matches what's inside: no fillers, no nasties. What you get here is the pure product with the best of Indian Ayurvedic herbs, made here in the UK. And it works… I don't know how, but it does." - Julia Martin

"Bought these for my mum who was struggling with sleeping and stress. Since she started taking these, her stress levels have gone down and has been able to sleep throughout the night. Great product, good service and quick delivery!" -В Anonymous

"Really amazing product. Started taking it for more energy but it has caused more positive changes than I anticipated. It regulates my mood, I'm generally happier, I have more energy and patience." - Komalmononoke

Nu-U Biotin $25 $17Shop

If you're worried about the strength or condition of your hair, then biotin is probably top of your shopping list. The B vitamin can also help boost nail growth and skin health too, which makes itВ a great all-rounder to add to your daily routine.В

Number of reviews: 1821

What shoppers are saying:В

"Good quality tablets that do help a lot with hair condition. I see a difference after taking this product - healthier, smoother and shinier." - J.Hay

"I take these tablets religiously. The difference that they have made to my nail strength and hair volume has made me ensure that I don't run out. Fabulous!!!" - Shortstuff

"I have natural Afro hair and since I started to use this product after reading an article about achieving strength and length my hair has been feeling much fuller and regrowth has increased" - Salena Blackman

Harvey & Coco Complexion Rehab $72 $25Shop

This cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients includes collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and A, which work in combination to help plump away fine lines and tighten your complexion.В

Number of reviews:В 243

What shoppers are saying:В

"Only been taking for a couple of weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in the softness of my skin." - Anonymous

"I haven't been using these for very long but I have noticed that there is a certain bounce coming back to my skin" - Anonymous

"I've been taking the pills for about 3 weeks now and I definitely see a great improvement of my complexion, my skin is softer and smoother. And I've noticed that my joints are less "squeaky" when I walk. I really recommend this product." - Anonymous

Natures Aid Ginger, Turmeric & Bromelain $8 $7Shop

If minor aches and pains are stopping you from working out to your full potential, you might want to consider a more natural alternative to painkillers. This vegan formulation is rich in ginger root, which can help with muscle and joint pain, while turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.В

Number of reviews:В 116

What shoppers are saying:В

"This product is totally amazing. I suffered really badly with swelling tender joints and constant pain from osteoarthritis. Since taking this product this has been drastically reduced and has given me back some quality of life. I saw results after about three weeks. Would not be without them now." - Ali

"This has helped me with my bodyweight training and many other people who have inflammatory in their joints, both subtle and acute pains." - Craig

"I actually use this product as a digestive. I try to take it after my meals as I find it really does settle my stomach and prevents bloating. I believe it helps with inflammation as well." - Gr8p

Hion Green Powder Ultimate Blend $21 $15Shop

January is usually a month for putting the blender to the test and whizzing up all sort of weird and wonderful smoothies and juices. An easy way to up the goodness in your glass of green juice is with a powdered supplement. This one combines health heavy hitters such as wheatgrass, baobab, flax seed and acai berry.В

Number of reviews:В 253

What shoppers are saying:В

"I use this everyday in my kale smoothy. It doesn't make it taste better, but I've noticed that my skin is much better since I've begun using it." - Mike Prendergast

"It actually makes you feel different, shortly after taking it I feel more energized and have a sense of clarity, I think it's down to the maca root and green tea." - Mr A Besant Abletrics Sup

"Great product,. You will feel the benefits of taking this product almost straight away. Your days will be more energetic enabling you to be more productive. Mixed into plain yogurt or put into smoothies will enhance their flavour too." - Anonymous

Nu-U Omega 3 Fish Oil $30 $13Shop

You probably know how great a diet rich in oily fish is for your brain, joints and general health. But if it's a struggle to keep mackerel on the menu, or you're not nuts about seeds, you could try usingВ a fatty acid supplement to give your body a helping hand.В

Number of reviews:В 734

What shoppers are saying:В

"These Omega 3 gel capsules are amazing value for a quality product. Easy to swallow and tasteless they provide an important boost of Omega 3 for brain and body." - PF

"After one week I can already feel these taking effect. I suffer with arthritis and already my joints feel a lot less stiff." - Alexandra Faller

"I've noticed my skin feels suppler and less stressed and I'm just a little calmer. It's a good product. I'll get it again." - Smulan SalettiВ

Pure Chimp Super Tea Matcha Green Tea $12Shop

The buzz around green tea has been going for years, not least for the excellent antioxidant properties it boasts. Matcha is a fine powder made from green tea that has been grown and processed in a certain way to ensure high potency in small doses. Stir it into yoghurts or smoothies or combine with a shot of juice for a speedy health boost.В

Number of reviews:В 386

What shoppers are saying:В

"This is a really great product. Pure ceremonial grade matcha and nothing else. It tastes great. It's a really excellent price as well. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of matcha or who's looking for a healthy new tea to try out." - Jimmy

"This product is great, I mix it in with my cold porridge, flaxseed, natural yogurt, honey and berries - to make my weird and wonderful breakfast! All packed with goodness! Give it a try!" - Chelle

"This product is fresh and pure as it is a lovely bright green and has no bitter taste. It is great in an almond milk latte and added to my breakfast smoothie. Half a large teaspoon keeps me full of beans for hours without the jittery high from coffee and it's amazingly good for you! I order it every few weeks. Would recommend." - Katie Chapman

Innopure Co-Enzyme Q10 $30 $16Shop

Most people who use CoQ10 do so to help with heart problems or cancer. But it can also be a useful tool in the fight against other complaints including receding gums, and it can even improve muscleВ recovery after exercise.В

Number of reviews: 542

What shoppers are saying:В

"I have been using these for a few month now after reading an American article and have seen an improvement in my skin. Will keep on taking them as well as my usual beauty regime!" - Ms Jennifer J Booth

"I lead a very active lifestyle, training hard in the gym, salsa dancing most nights of the week and also walking everywhere I go. I've been taking this for over a month now and I have noticed that I'm not as tired as I normally am and sore muscles after the gym recover a lot quicker." - Kelvin Kah Fei Woo

"Great add on for when going on the keto diet or if you're just in need of an energy boost at the gym" - Victor

Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Spirulina Powder $13Shop

Spirulina is renowned for its superpowers. A type of algae, spirulina is loved by fitness fans and whole-food lovers alike for its high protein content, essential fatty acids and assorted micronutrients. Not to mention the chlorophyll, iron and calcium that we know are great for the body.

Number of reviews:В 314

What shoppers are saying:В

"Today I had it with freshly squeezed beetroot Apple carrot and kale juice and MY ENERGY ON FIRE! I had it 1.5hours before exercise and I did a hiit strength workout and I was soaring with energy! Prior to this for months IВ had no energy and muscle fatigue during my workouts and I was gonna give up." - Z R

"Spirulina is definitely considered "super food". The more I learned about it the more obvious it became how much I would benefit from using it. I mix in my shake, which turns the whole thing green but it's almost flavourless to be fair. Strongly recommend it." - Anonymous

"After about a week to 10 days of drinking it daily in juice, my husband and I both noticed a boost in our energy level in terms of fatigue at the end of the day. We both cycle and noticed how much easier it was to bike hills and into wind, as well." - Holly

Have we chosen any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.В

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