Victoria Beckham Just Revealed Her Top 3 French Skincare Staples

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We assume that the majority of Victoria Beckham's Instagram followers are made up of fellow fashion fiends-people who crave regular updates regarding her namesake luxury clothing brand. While we appreciate a stylish 'gram just as much as the next person, we must admit that we're really in it for the beauty. You see, every now and then she shares a glimpse into her personal skincare and makeup routine. Seeing as Posh Spice maintains an almost ethereal complexion-one that's ceaselessly clear and radiant-we're particularly interested in the skincare side of things.

So as soon as VB took to Instagram to share three French skincare products she's incorporated into her skincare routine (suggested by her facialist, Melanie Grant), we grabbed our pad and pencil to take notes. These products aren't just beloved by Grant and Beckham, though. They've reached a level of cult status among skincare enthusiasts worldwide. They also happen to belong to a brand that's beloved by Team Byrdie. Keep scrolling to see the three French skincare products in question.


First up, Beckham posted a photo showing a small vial of Biologique Recherche serum. This French brand is highly praised and coveted not only by beauty editors like us but also by celebrities, skincare experts, and enthusiasts. You may recognize the name from one of the brand's most iconic products: Lotion P50, which is a skin-refining, -smoothing,В and -balancing wunderkind. (Make sure you read ourВ in-depth reviewВ of the product.)

"So today I'm using Oligo-Proteines Marines for radiance and antioxidant protection. It is super lightweight," Beckham raved. "Apply underneath your moisturiser! It's super clean!"В

Biologique Recherche SГ©rum Oligo-ProtГ©ines Marines $98Shop

The serum itself uses bio-marine ingredients to re-energize and revitalize the complexion. Subsequently, it's recommended for use on tired, dull, or dehydrated skin. We don't know about you, but tired, dull, and dehydrated are all adjectives that describe our skin when it's exposed to cold winter air.


Next, Beckham posted of her second Biologique Recherche product. This time, it was a face mist. "Then I spritz a little of this on top of my makeup," Beckham explained. "It gives brightness to your complexion and improves the lasting effect of your makeup!" Again, she ended it with the sought-after phrase: "It's clean!"В

Biologique Recherche L'EauxygГ©nante $102Shop

This face mist contains high concentrations of vitamins C and A, which have been extracted from oranges and kiwis. It also has something called edelweiss extract, which offers protection from free radicals and aging pollutants. The combination of these ingredients brightens the skin and reinforces the skin's natural barrier. The brand also claims that it's oxygenating, which we're assuming means it brings fresh oxygen to the skin's surface for anti-aging and radiance-inducing purposes. (Just writing this is making us crave a good afternoon misting. Be sure to check out Team Byrdie's favorite face mists.)


Finally, VB posted this image, which shows yet another serum. This time, it's in a small and chic gold vial. "Trying this tonight," Beckham captioned the image. Clearly, it's yet another recommendation from her Sydney-based skin guru. (Yep, we're talking about Grant.)

Biologique Recherche Le Grand SГ©rum $163Shop

Although all Biologique Recherche products are expensive (it is a luxury brand, after all), this product has the highest price tag by far. For a mere 0.3 ounces of product, you can expect to pay $163. If you bump that up to 1.02 ounces, you can expect to pay a startling $504. Like we said, it's expensive.

However, the purported benefits of this serum explain the extreme price tag. It promises to plump, tone, and illuminate the skin for an exceptionally youthful appearance. It's to be used every single day, morning and/or night, in order to work most effectively.

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