6 Overnight Styling Tips for Natural Hair

When it comes to natural hair, traditional hair rules usually fly out the window. Ask any natural-haired girl to spritz salt spray into her hair and “scrunch,” and she'll most likely laugh in your face-and go back to moisturizing her strands with her vast array of hair oils. With that in mind, we decided to do an update on our overnight hair tips story with advice specifically geared toward those with natural hair. Our expert has styled the likes of Rihanna and Kelly Rowland and possesses a gorgeous natural mane of her own: Tippi Shorter, Aveda artistic director and expert on all things curly. Keep scrolling to find out all her tips!

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Tip #5: The 50% Rule

Sleeping on sopping-wet hair isn't anyone's idea of a good time-but drying natural hair takes time and patience (neither of which we have in abundance at the end of the day). The solution? Shorter suggests working with hair that isn't necessarily completely dry, but at least 50% dry before bed; it will be easier to style, and whatever you do to it before you sleep will hold when you wake up.

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