Stop Scrolling Through Instagram-Read These Books Instead

Stop Scrolling Through Instagram-Read These Books Instead

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A Pair & a Spare

We get it: The lure of the mindless Instagram scroll is strong, and it can be hard to resist just one tiny peek at your emails, even on the weekend.В Oh, and theВ pull of just one more episode of Queer Eye?В Yeah, no chance.

Somewhere down the line, it's as though our thumbs have become magnetized to our laptops and our eyes glued to our screens-we've reached a whole new level of dependency.В But all of this digital noise is doing terrible things to our health, making us more stressed than ever before. Learning how to switch off has never been more important.

But don't just write us off asВ showy preachers: It's time for us to walk the walk too. That's why, next weekend, the whole Byrdie team is going cold turkey on the tech as we embark on a 24-hour digital detox. We're unplugging from our screens and reconnecting with ourselves. You really ought to join us.

First,В head here to find out how to get involved (it's fairly easy-just step away from that iPhone), but if you're going to go tech-free for an entire day, you're going to need some entertainment. And that's where our old friends, books, come in.

Below, we've selected five of the best mindfulness books to teach you how to quieten the mind. From mindfulness to crystal healing, they should offer up plenty of ideas of how to spend your digital detox. We'll see you on the other side.

Emma Lucy Knowles The Power of Crystal Healing $9Shop

Intrigued about crystals but don't know where to start? This one fromВ crystal healer and intuitive expert Emma Lucy Knowles is the most accessible but comprehensive guide going. Inside, you'll learn how to use crystals to clear the mind and heal old wounds.

Danielle Marchant Pause $6Shop

In this book, Marchant teaches us how to take a step back and put our own happiness before that superficially manufactured by the amount of "likes" we get on an Instagram picture. It's a great guide for cutting through all the noise and finally listening to what your mind and body need to feel good.

Dan Harris 10% Happier $11Shop

When thinking about our well-being,В it can be all too easy to think that a complete life overhaul is what we need to ever be our happiest selves. But in this book, Dan Harris explores the smaller steps it takes to cut stress down to size.

The Mindfulness Project I Am Here Now $13Shop

More of a writer than a reader? Consider this your exercise book as you study your way to a calmer mind. It includes loads of creativity-inducing activities as well as plenty of free space to explore all your thoughts and feelings. Even just the process of putting things down on paper can help release a little of the burden on your mind.

Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson The Science of Meditation $13Shop

Even if you're a meditation sceptic, we're pretty certain it will take all of about two chapters of this book before you are ready to dive right in. It explains exactly how switching off and becoming more in tune with our minds can help our health in the long run.


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