This Is How to Smell Unique on a Budget


Niche perfume is, generally speaking, pretty darn pricey. You're essentially paying for a little bottle of olfactory art. Time, experience, flair and oftentimes precious ingredients are housed in reassuringly hefty bottles. You are also paying to smell differently. A niche fragrance will create an aura of intrigue about you, and no one will be able to guess what you're wearing.

Sadly, we don't all have a spare ВЈ100+ to drop on such luxuries. But what if you want to smell unique on a budget? Is it even possible? Well, in a word: yes,В but you need to know where to look. Niche perfumes don't need to cost the earth. Wear any one of these more affordable and unusual perfumes, and you'll be destined for plenty of compliments. Whether you divulge your sensory secret or not is up to you. Keep scrolling for seven niche perfumes all under ВЈ50.

Ideo Parfumeurs Gibson Girls $45Shop

Floral fans rejoice: White flowers, including jasmine, gardenia and white iris, add a pretty powdery textureВ to sweet geranium, cassis and orange blossom.В

Hiram Green Moon Bloom $34

Inspired by night-blooming tuberose, this scent is both soft and powerful. Jasmine absolute and ylang-ylang are blended with coconut, leafy greens and hints of tropical spices and resins. It's a holiday in a bottle with a sultry twist.В

Smell Bent Tokyo Mama Fizzzzz $45Shop

A zingy scent created to evoke the scent of lemonade, super fun and unusual, yuzu (a citrus fruit) is blended with Japanese hinoki wood, which gives the lemony scent depth. Green cedar softens the perfume and gives it a grown-up and understated herbaceous quality.

100 Bon Carvi and Jardin de Figuier Eau de Parfum $33Shop

Definitely on the more affordable end of the spectrum when it comes to fragrances at Liberty London, 100 Bon is a fragrance brand that launched this year with 10 perfumes all priced at ВЈ33 each. This fresh, fruity scent is evocative of the fragrant fig tree.

Tokyo Milk Dark la Vie la Mort $21Shop

"La vie la mort" translates to "for better or worse," making this a sweet choice for a wedding day perfume, provided you love the scent almost as much as your future spouse. A romantic perfume, it blends sweet white tuberose and jasmine with a touch of cardamom. Get experimental, and layer with any green or citrus perfumes for an enhanced effect.

Abel Red Santal $45Shop

A spicy, warming perfume, this combines sandalwood with clove, pepper, bergamot, ginger, thyme and an addictive complexity.

Gallivant Discovery Set $18Shop

Want to change up your perfume on the daily? Try this discovery set from Gallivant, which includes four perfumes inspired by different places across the globe: Brooklyn (a musky citrus), Istanbul (combining amber, wood and spice), London (a floral leather) and Tel Aviv (a bright fruity floral).

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