5 Bun Styles for Natural Hair That Are Perfect for Summer

Antonia Opiah is the founder of Un-ruly, a hair and beauty blog that celebrates the diversity and beauty of black hair and women. Un-ruly provides a single space for everything from style tips to product recs, all while celebrating and promoting a discussion on women and the black community. Here Antonia gives us a look at different ways to style the most versatile updo: the bun.

With summer in full force, you may be feeling the need to get your tresses off your shoulders and out of the way. My advice for the most practical updo? Turn to the bun, a practical look that never goes out of style. Although buns are usually worn quite simply, with one's hair neatly tucked away-either piled on top of your head or rolled up at your nape-buns can actually be quite funky. Take a look at my five favorite bun looks that I'm eyeing for the summer.


If you're not looking to go too crazy with your bun, you can simply add braiding hair to it for a more voluminous and dramatic look. Then while you're at it, why not add a little elegance with some hair jewelry?

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An easy way to make your bun more interesting is to mess it up! Loosely put your bun together and let your flyaways roam free.

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On the same note, why not leave a bit more of your hair out and frame your face with bangs? This look is the perfect combination of elegant and playful.

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If you're looking for something unique, go for double buns! This chicВ nod to the '90s can be styled with a variety of cute accessories.

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I'm loving cornrowed buns right now. It's a look you can take from work to a fun night out. It's also a “set it and forget it” look, the kind of look that, once done, requires very little maintenance. If your braiding skills leave a little to be desired, get this look done at a salon or, if you live in New York City, have a licensed at-home stylist come to you and whip up this gorgeous protective style.

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Have you ever experimented with buns? What's your favorite way to wear them?