Bulgari's Newest Fragrance Is Bright Pink and Targeted Toward Millennials

Billy Farrell/BFA

Perception is everything. Take millennials, for instance. Entitled, materialistic, lazy-we all know the negative stereotypes. Or you could say their entitlement is actually confidence, their materialism is reflective of a work-hard-play-hard mindset, and the laziness is just an ability to get more done in less time.

This more positive view might explain why the beauty industry has realized millennials are the ideal customer, and why each day, high-end brands are rethinking their strategy and launching products specifically catering to this Instagram-obsessed generation. The latest millennial-geared launch comes from none other than Bulgari, the luxury Italian jewelry house known for adorning the likes of Bella Hadid in dripping diamonds that cost more than most people's salaries.

Its brand-new Omnia Pink Sapphire ($84) fragrance is a new direction for them. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas describes it as an “effervescent and whimsical scent,” and it's definitely a departure from some of its more opulent fragrances the brand has launched in the past. For one thing, it's pink. For another, instead of tapping a celebrity to front the campaign, the brand found three millennial women who embody the more daring, carefree nature of the scent: vlogger Amanda Steele, singer Madison Beer, and fashion cool-girl Margaret Zhang.

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Even the way the perfume is made is the opposite of traditional. Instead of plucking, distilling, or extracting the frangipani and wild tiare flowers, which make up the heart of the fragrance, Morillas used something called a “headspace” technique, which he says “preserves an olfactory moment in time.…  A coated glass fiber absorbs the bloom's fragrance while leaving the flower itself intact. The perfumer can then reconstitute its scent from his palette of raw materials.”

The scent itself is fresh and not too serious, with pink pepper and citrus top notes layered over the tropical floral heart, which melts into a musky wood base. It's the kind of fragrance that makes you feel happier instantly when you spritz it onВ or reminds you of a time in your life when you were young and carefree and did things that scared you, like going home with alluring strangers or jumping into pools fully clothedВ (at least that's whatВ its campaign #JustDare wants you to feel).

“Targeting millennials as they dare to try and fully experience novelties is truly exciting for a perfumer,” Morillas says. “I imagine fragrances that stylize their singular, unswerving confidence and cheeky personality.” (BRB: filing “unswerving confidence” and “cheeky personality” under positive millennial attributes ASAP.) With this scent, he says he invites millennials to escape from their daily life and “jump into an enchanted world.”

I don't know if I was full-on transported to an enchanted world after the first spritz, but I did feel like I definitely smelled better (it was a humid day in L.A.). Glittering and bright, this new pink-tinged perfume will make its older, gilded predecessors cluck their tongues and roll their eyes-while secretly marveling at just how little it cares about what they think.