8 Things Every Bathroom Needs for a Great Bath

The next time you find yourself in need of a little self-care, skip the expensive visit to the spa and take a nice, relaxing bath instead. Not only is the option cheaper, but you can easily replicate the luxurious experience you'd receive at a spa in the comfort of your home. From fluffy towels to a cozy robe and slippers, here are the things you need to take your next bath from boring to luxurious.

Big, Fluffy White Towels

What do all luxury hotels and spas have in common? Big, fluffy white towels. The towels in your bathroom should be thick, soft, and luxurious, so don't go cheap. Even if you only use them for baths and for guests, they are worth the buy.

Scrubbing Mitts and Body Scrub

Turn bathtime into a spa-like experience by giving yourself a full body scrub using scrubbing mitts and a good body scrub. Not only is exfoliation a good way to remove dead skin, but it also helps promote circulation and a healthy lymphatic system.

The Right Lighting

To get the right ambiance for your bath, it's important to have mood lighting. This means a dimmer in your bathroom or maybe even a chandelier. Of course, not everyone has access to a dimmer or a chandelier. The good news is candles work just as well. A few candles around the bathroom and on the tub itself screams luxury. Just lock the doors so no one can break in and ruin your reverie.

Bath Oils

A hot bath can be nice after a long day, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin (especially if you already suffer from dry skin). To offset the bad effects of the hot water and to make your bath more luxurious, pour in bath oils. Bath oils make bath water silky, which in turn helps protect skin from the harmful effects of hot water and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Just be sure to clean out the tub when you're done or the next person in could slip and break something.

Essential Oils

Speaking of oils, essential oils are another great addition to a bath. Simply put about 10 drops in your bath water, then let the smell fill the bathroom and relax. Be sure to not include other scented items for your bath, like a scented bubble bath or scented soap. While you can use any type of essential oil you desire, we recommend lavender or marjoram oil to help you sleep better at night.

Epsom Salts

There's nothing better for soaking tired or sore muscles than a bath filled with Epsom salts. Found at drugstores, Epsom salt is great for post-exercise recovery, surgery, or anything that leaves you feeling depleted. Pour a cup of salt under running warm water in a bath and then get in and soak away your soreness.

Glass of Wine, Netflix, or a Good Book

We don't know about bathing in wine, but we do believe in bathing with wine. To make your luxurious bath complete, add candles, a glass of something delicious (like wine, hot cocoa, or tea) and a good book. You can even catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix. Just make sure your computer isn't at risk for taking the bath with you.

Cozy Robe and Slippers

Is there anything more mood-killing than getting out of a bath and being cold? If you don't have towel warmers or heated floors, get yourself a warm cozy robe and slippers to slip into once you leave your luxurious bath.