The 10 Beauty Products Victoria Beckham Never Travels Without

I have yet to master the art of packing my beauty products. More often than not you can catch me stuffing bottles and tubes and vials into my makeup bag-which is already stretching at the seams-wondering if I need to pack that third sheet mask or that second eyeshadow palette. Call it over-preparedness or call it an ill-advised obsession, but it doesn't matter where I'm headed or how long I'll be gone; I always pack too much. At this point, I'm wondering if it's just who I am.

Maybe this lack of packing prowess explains why I was so taken with Victoria Beckham's recent Instagram Story, in which she unpacked her perfectly curated and non-superfluous, travel beauty bag for all 54.5 million of her followers to see. What can I say? I was impressed with her travel essentials (when I say essentials, I mean it; her whole routine only consists of 10 products. That's not bad for a fashion and beauty mogul who travels to a variety of events and climates). Keep scrolling to see all 10 of the beauty products VB never travels without.В

Josh Wood Colour Shampoo $12Shop

The first product VB removes from her posh Hermes travel bag is a shampoo from Josh Wood, a celebrity hairstylist and colorist, who helms his namesake line of haircare products. In the Instagram Story, Beckham gushes about the shampoo and conditioner ($12), which she calls “amazing” thanks to the color-protecting and sulfate-free formula. Personally, I like the fact that it only costs around $12 a bottle (once the euros are converted to American dollars), which is a fraction of the price of other celebrity-loved shampoo and conditioners.В

Cosmedix Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil $35Shop

Next come two different products from the skincare line Cosmedix. The brand's Purity Solution is up first. It's an oil-based makeup remover that dissolves dirt, impurities, and sunscreen through a combination of olive, moringa, kukui, safflower, sesame and argan oils. And yes, it even works on stubborn waterproof makeup…

Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser $39Shop

She follows up the Purity Solution with the brand's Purity Clean. It's an exfoliating cleanser that removes any leftover traces of dirt, oil, or makeup that might reamin (it's nice to know that Beckham is also a big fan of the double-cleanse method). She describes the product as “nice and foamy,” while also calling out its minty scent and feel, which she says is “really nice on the skin as a final cleanse.”В

Q-tips Cotton Swab Pack $2Shop

One of the only similarities between my travel beauty routine and Beckham's is the inclusion of cotton swabs. She removes a travel-sized case of Q-tips from her Hermes bag, saying that they're “great for taking off eye makeup.” I agree. Sometimes makeup remover isn't enough, and it takes a Q-tip and a gentle wiggle motion at the root of the lash to remove stubborn waterproof mascara and liner. As Beckham put it so succinctly, “I always travel with Q-tips.”В

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste $14Shop

Next comes a true bathroom staple: toothpaste. This is Posh Spice we're talking about, so it's no surprise she substitutes the drugstore variety for a fancy Italian toothpaste. It's packaged in a silver tube that's not unlike one you'd expect to see housing an expensive hand cream. “This is quite a posh toothpaste, but I think it's the best toothpaste,” she narrates.

Skinade 30 Day Travel Course Collagen Drink $150Shop

VB never travels without her beauty supplement of choice. Her “handy travel packets” of Skinade collagen can be added to water for daily drinking (they have a yummy peach and mangosteen flavor). Like other collagen supplements, this one is meant to plump skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and lend a glowier appearance from the inside-out. Seeing as it costs $150 for 30-day supply, we're going to go ahead and say this is one of the more expensive collagen supplements money can buy.В

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Oil Free Dry Touch Sunscreen $20Shop

After her skincare supplement, Beckham moves on to sunscreen. She uses a product from Melanie Grant, an Australian skin expert and celebrity facialist. Unfortunately, the product isn't widely available, which is why I'll reach for my go-to sunscreen instead. It's from French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay. I like it for the fact that it's lightweight and non-greasy. Once it's rubbed in, there's no slippery film left on the skin.

Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion Mask $84Shop

In the past, Beckham has been vocal about her love of Sarah Chapman products (she's a regular client of the London-based facialist and skincare expert). This hydrating sheet mask is no different. In fact, Beckham says she “notices a difference immediately” after using it.

Bio Seaweed Gel Stronger Dual Pack $35Shop

Aside from her ever-glowing skin and shiny brunette lob, one thing we can always count on from Beckham is a perfect manicure. As such, it's no surprise she brings nail polish with her on the road (or, more accurately, in the air). This is a clean, non-toxic nail brand that Beckham says stays “super, super, super shiny” on the nails. Even though it shrinks upon drying, and Beckham admits it can be hard to work with at first, she still calls it the “absolute best.”

I don't know about you, but VB's travel beauty routine has me inspired to finally curate my own. Speaking of travel, check out the 12 beauty products models always pack in their carry-on.