Paris Hilton on Family, Puppy Mansions, and the $4 Product She Can't Live Without

Paris Hilton on Family, Puppy Mansions, and the $4 Product She Can't Live Without

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Paris Hilton will forever reside in our hearts as the It-heiress from the early Oughts. The one who hit up every nightclub and starred in The Simple Life with her Beverly Hills best friend, Nicole Richie. But over a decade later, Hilton is an entrepreneur worthy of attention based on her business savvy over her tabloid headlines. To date, Hilton has amassed 19 product lines.В With her 25th fragrance launching this summer, she makes everything from skincare, makeup, clothing, shoes, lingerie, handbags, dog clothes, children's clothes, homeware, nail polishes, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. Yes, really.В She's gearing up for a tour this summer, performing in Ibiza, Belgium, and headlining Tomorrowland.

Now, she can add tech investor to her ever-expanding resume, as she's partnered with the Glam App, an on-demand beauty service founded by celebrity makeup artist (and Byrdie favorite) Joey Maalouf that offers hair, makeup, and manicures in the comfort of your own home. We got the chance to chat with Hilton on the heels of the announcement and got caught up on everything that's happening with her now. Below, she discusses everything from her beauty icons to her self-care practices.

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On her partnership with the Glam App…

"I've been a client of the Glam App for the past four years. The first time they came to my house, I immediately fell in love.В Everyone who works for the app is so talented, so sweet, and incredible to work with. When we started thinking about doing a partnership together, I wanted to invest because I believe in this company and see this as the future for beauty services."

On the one drugstore product she can't live without…

"Johnson's Baby Lotion ($4).В I've been using it ever since I was a baby. It's the pink lotion that you can buy at the drugstore-love it."

On how her early years shaped her view of beauty…

"My grandmother was always so glamorous and always looked beautiful.В I think, as a little girl, watching her had me fascinated with beauty, makeup, and glamour. My parents were really strict when I was a teenager, I wasn't even allowed to wear makeup.В The first time I even applied eyeliner was at Nicole Richie's house. She said she knew this great trick-she took a liner from her mom's closet and applied mascara and a cat eye. After that day, my life changed."

On her beauty icons…

"Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and I love Victoria Beckham's style."

On her self-care habits…

"Spa days and facials are the only things I have time for.В I can't focus enough to meditate.В To relax, I'll go into my doggy mansion and spend time with my puppies.В Animals really calm me down-I love that unconditional love."

On her best tips for traveling (without going crazy)…

"I travel over 250 days a year, so, I'm pretty used to it at this point.В I think the most important thing is to sleep on the plane. Get your rest, try to use the plane's WiFi, and stay off social media. I think being on a plane is the one time I can actually relax."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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