It's Cancer Season: Your July 2019 Beauty Horoscope Is Here

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

July: Eclipse season! Themes of dry vs. oily, nurture vs. nature, and unconditional love vs. conditional love all are all prevalent this month, stemming from trying to balance our needs with those of others-in particular, family.В

July 2: Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Expect to be emotionally propelled into an abundant, creative, more exciting place. Hold on!В

July 7: 31 Mercury retrograde Leo-Cancer. Prepare to nurture your inner child-seeing the world through their eyes. You'll feel colorful, creative, honest, and sensitive.В

July 9: Sun opposite Saturn. Your skin will feel dry like a desert. Try a gentle exfoliation, and don't be too hard on yourself today. Instead, focus on how you can become more disciplined.В

July 16: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. This Lunar Eclipse, connected to the Solar Eclipse on July 2, is an emotional reset-so pamper yourself big time! This Lunar Eclipse is intense and will bring tiny breakouts and warmer skin. Remember to breathe deeply and surrender to how things and circumstances in your life are transforming, rather than trying to keep them as they've always been.В

July 21: Pluto and Venus oppose. Today, you'll feel Intense, impulsive, and obsessive. Calm your nerves by treating yourself with a detoxing face mask.В

July 24: Mercury retrograde meets Venus in Cancer. Pay particular to your emotional responses and intuition today. Your skin will need more hydration and TLC.В

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Cancer: Being vocal

Happy Birthday! This month is hyper-focused on balancing your needs with those of others. Mercury retrograde and the Solar Eclipse on July 2 in your sign means that you're speaking up more about what you want and making your dreams a reality, while letting the past fade away. It's something new and uncomfortable for you, but a blessing.

Your product: An illuminator and hydrating mist duo like this one from Tatcha will keep that gorgeous glowing skin dewy-an "I woke up like this” look.

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Leo: Balance

Digging deeper into your subconscious reveals more than you could have dreamed of. The eclipses and Mercury retrograde are bringing you more into balance work and health-wise; you'll feel a need to retreat and care for yourself a little more. You can only ignore your intuition and sensitivity for so long before it starts to tug and invade your dreams. Make time to retreat from the grind of daily life as much as you can this month and watch things fall into place.

Your product: A calming lavender oil cream will keep you mellow during exciting, changing times.

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Virgo: Socializing

You'll find yourself reworking your social networks, which means that this season is about discerning what and who you want to invest in. Your attention is on widening your social circles and reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. While Mercury, your planet, is retrograde from July 7 through July 19, you'll revisit open-ended dreams and goals and either move forward or finally close the door.

Your product: To remain natural and calm amongst all changes, use a neutral pink nail polish, like this one from OPI.

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Libra: TLC

Venus, your ruling planet, gets eclipsed by Saturn on July 2, and then by Pluto on July 9. Needless to say, you'll need to give yourself a little extra TLC this month. Your work and home life are changing big time this month, so embrace the change with excitement. Allowing your past to die opens you to more fulfilling experiences. Mercury retrograde brings supportive people back into your life.

Your product: Invest in a good detox mask this month, like this one from Context, to remind you to purge your past.

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Scorpio: Change

July lures you from the secrecy of your comfort zone. You're ready for change, despite wanting to control how and when. This month, your philosophy is completely altered. Work on changing your mindset-think big picture rather than being overly-focused on your immediate environment.В Mercury Retrograde is telling you to do a little more research before leaping.

Your product: A vibrant, glittery nail polish will help you step out your comfort zone.

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Sagittarius: Self-esteem

The eclipses and Mercury retrograde are reworking your self-esteem so that you can discern real stability from superficial or temporary security. Learning more about a topic will help to give you the boost you need. In July, your self-esteem is related to your financial abundance. You're being summoned to have the emotional courage to relinquish unhealthy vices in favor of more fulfilling experiences.

Your product: A matte red lipstick, like this one from Uoma Beauty, will help liberate you from sameness.

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Capricorn: Interaction

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 16 gives you a big push to let go of your business-like approach to life. The Solar Eclipse on July 2 shines a light on how to interact differently with others, based on feelings rather than strategy or obligation. This month also inspires a wardrobe makeover in favor of your new feelings.В

Your Product: In order to feel comforted, prosperous, and emotionally supported, you need a shimmery nail color.

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Aquarius: Wellness

Your dreams can only become a reality if you give them the time and space that they need. Your focus in July is about mind and body balance and treating your body as a vessel for your ingenious ideas. Mercury retrograde is about emotional wellness, so pay particular attention to what your emotions are telling you this month.

Your product: A detoxing salt bath mix so that you can bathe in your intuitive awareness.

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Pisces: New opportunity

Your planet Neptune is speaking to Saturn all month long. Paired with the two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, this means that the month will be busy and bustling with creative opportunity. The lunar eclipse on July 16 encourages you to let go of old friendships so that you can free up some energy for new, more supportive ones.

Your product: A crystal infused spritzer. Choose one that sparkles to remind you that you are made of magic.

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Aries: Reflection

For you, such a future-focused sign, this month inspires you to slow down and reconnect with your past-to heal and make amends, to nurture what was missed, and assess what you value. Mercury retrograde takes you back to your childhood. Play and remember that life is only as serious as you make it.

Your product: A scented candle to remind you of the sacred flame that burns within you.

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Taurus: New outlooks

The eclipses this month are igniting your mind, but only as far as you'll let them. Let go of outworn beliefs that you've clung to in an attempt to make you feel more secure-they're now a thing of the past. Your new set of beliefs are more relevant to who you are now and what you need in life. Mercury retrograde is focused on family and how they have influenced your ideas about the world.

Your product: You need a tool like this to keep your mind and body in motion this month.

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Gemini: Openness

While your planet Mercury spends half the month in retrograde, you're rethinking the very nature of thoughts themselves. Stay open to new and creative means of communication, while vowing to do more with your creative gifts. The eclipses are aligning you to what you value most, and that means emotionally security-do what feels right, not what seems logical.

Your product: A sparkling full body SPF is what you need to give you that summertime glow, while protecting you when you're feeling more sensitive than usual.

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