Target Will Soon Expand Its K-Beauty Offerings With Products Starting at $5

Up until now, K-beauty products have been somewhat difficult to come by IRL. Unless you shopped online at e-commerce stores, there wasn't much opportunity for testing the latest Korean skincare and makeup formulas. Lately, though, we've seen K-beauty products pop-up at some our favorite beauty retailers like SephoraВ and CVS, and we love it (the more we can surround ourselves with K-beauty products, the better).В

The newest store to expand its offerings also happens to be one of our favorite drugstore beauty destinations: Target. As of September 10, they will welcome Glow Studio, which is a curated collection of K-beauty products chosen by the skincare experts over at Glow Recipe.В

Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Clay Mask $23Shop

The Glow Studio collection will include products hailing from three different brands. The first is Whamisa by Glow Recipe, which is a line of natural and fermented green tea and chai tea skincare products. The green tea formula will be available in a cleansing gel, moisturizer, serum-toner, and clay mask, while the chai tea formula will be available in a serum-cream and an eye cream. These are totally exclusive to Target, too, so you won't be able to scoop them up anywhere else.В

Currently, the most popular fermented skincare line in the States is La Mer (itsВ Moisturizing Soft Cream,В $315, is a classic), but it's pretty darn expensive. We're looking forward to trying this K-beauty lineВ to see if the clear, glowy skin results are similar with a budget-friendly price.

Make P:rem Clean Me Black Cleansing Water $36Shop

The second brand they're introducing is absolutely everywhere in Korea, thanks to its highly effective formulations. It's called Make P:rem, and the products you can expect to see are this black cleansing water, an in-shower face pack, a sleeping pack, moisturizer, and a variety of sheet masks.В Aside from the cleanser, the product we're most excited about is theВ Firming Layering Double MaskВ ($9), which includes two sheet masks used together to nourish, plump, and firm skin.

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule $38Shop

Then there's the third brand, called LJH. Target will sell this multipurpose serum, which does just about everything. Thanks to propolis, rose, sea buckthorn, and witch hazel extracts, it smoothes, revitalizes, and evens skin tone. (Seriously, 20% of the entire formula is composed of pure multivitamins.) Apply a few drops at night, and wake up to super-glowy skin.

Here's the thing, though. If you're like us, and you want basically everything, you can save some money by trying a collection specially formulated for your specific skin. If you have dull, dry skin, try the Hydrated Glow Kit, which will include products from Make P:rem and Whamisa. Similarly, if you have mature skin, reach for their Youthful Glow Kit, which diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Target will also sell an Oil Be Gone kit featuring products specially chosen to decrease acne and blemishes.

All the products set for launch (which total 17, when counting the kits) will be available on September 10 both in-store and online. So get ready to satiate your ever-growing K-beauty thirst.

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