From Kim to J.Lo: 8 Celebrity Secrets to Taking Better Selfies

Celebrities and supermodels are no strangers to striking the perfect pose or giving the camera some love during their day jobs. But once selfies entered our lives (and the dictionary), the stars started applying their expert posing skills after hours, posting magazine-worthy snaps of their daily lives and adventures. And we quickly followed suit, constantly snapping our experiments in the kitchen or travels to exotic locations, in hopes of finding the perfect lighting. To help you step up your selfie game, we've gathered eight expert tips and tricks (hello, standing on a white piece of paper!) from our favorite Instagram beauties. So, next time you find yourself alone in front of the Eiffel Tower or face-to-face with someone like #FLOTUS, you'll know exactly what to do to make sure your selfie turns out perfect.

Keep reading to learn how to compose a celebrity-worthy selfie, straight from the mouths of celebs themselves.


#1: Lighting Is Everything

Considering she recently published a book on the subject, we'd say Kim Kardashian's selfie advice is something to heed. One of her best tips? Lighting! According to Mrs. West, it can make or break the photo, and she's gone on record stating that she has a lighting setup for selfies at home. However, when she's out and about, the queen of social media is all about improvisation. Kardashian explains that when you're stuck somewhere with bad lighting, you should go for a moodier vibe-and take a ton of pictures until you get the right one.


#2: Angle High

Miranda Kerr and her gorgeous face are no strangers to the camera, and there's a reason: She knows what works best for her. Kerr says she always takes her selfies looking up at the camera, as it “softens your features and is the best angle for the light.”


#3: Angle Low

Actress Bella Thorne is not interested in your shot-from-above “duck face” selfies. The actress explains that she prefers to shoot selfies from below because it allows her to show off her best look-capturing just the tip of the nose and perfectly highlighting the shape of her lips.


#4: Turn Around… in a Circle

We'd do pretty much anything Jennifer Lopez tells us to. As one of the most gorgeous women in the world, she has some amazing beauty tips to share, but her selfie game seems to be on another level. The secret to her success? While holding her phone up high in front-facing camera mode, Lopez says to “turn around in a circle until you find the best lighting before taking your photo.” Judging by the luminous shots she's always posting, we'd say it's more than worth a try.


#5: Flip the Camera

While Rosie Huntington-Whiteley might feel silly taking selfies, she's happy to give her fans what they want. Her top tip? “You should flip the camera around so it faces you-that way you can see exactly what you look like. Then it's all about the filter!”


#6: Make It a Makeup Moment

YouTube beauty sensation Michelle Phan is an expert selfie taker. After a quick scroll through the makeup maven's Instagram profile, you'll see why-she is an absolute pro at the natural yet flattering selfie! So when we asked for her tips on the perfect selfie-taking makeup look, Phan happily broke it down for us. Apply foundation first, followed by concealing any spots or darker areas. Next Phan recommends sealing everything with a dusting of powder, then defining your brows, curling your lashes, and applying mascara for an Instagram-ready moment.


#7: Filter Wisely

Another famous member of the #KUWTK clan has some thoughts on filtering, or rather not. Stunning supermodel Kendall Jenner doesn't use too many filters, preferring to keep her shots natural and occasionally opting for a cool black-and-white snap. Phan echoes that you shouldn't rely too heavily on the power of a filter; instead, find good lighting or even put a piece of white paper under you to bring more light under your chin area and brighten up your eyes and face. Genius!


#8: Make Sure You Have Options

It's a numbers game! Like her famous sister, Kylie Jenner revealed that she takes tons of selfies to get just one that she likes. With her 140 million followers to appease, we can see why she wants options!

What's your No. 1В step for taking the best selfie? Share with us in the comments below!