I Tried to Re-Create the Hairstyle Jen Atkin Made Famous

Getty Images

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to hair model for one of Jen Atkin's master classes. (So exciting, I know.) Yes, for about an hour, the famed hairstylist instructed an audience on how exactly to re-create her signature beach waves. They're undone, they're cool, and they're Kendall Jenner approved.В

So when it came timeВ to choose a look for a friend's upcoming wedding, I knew I had to try my best to re-create the look on my own. I reviewed all my videosВ and photos from that night, took some notes, and got down to business. I'd also like to point out that I had exactly 30 minutes to pull it off because I was running late before the ceremony. Below, I detail exactly what I did (with a bit of advice from Atkin herself) with a photo of the results. Did I pull it off? Keep reading and decide for yourself.

FYI: This photo below is what it looked like on the night Atkin did it herself.В

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