Get Ready: Pat McGrath's Eye Shadow Palettes Launch Tomorrow at Noon

Let's get right to it: New Pat McGrath products are on their way. (We'll give you a chance to let that sink in and slow your rapidly beating heart rate because if you're anything like us, that's your reaction to hearing this news.) The so-called mother of makeup is launching three new eye shadow palettes tomorrow, September 28. These palettes will all be available on the makeup artist's website (again, we'll pause here so you can open up a new tab on your computer, go to, and bookmark it) at 12 p.m. EDT.

This is huge news since the legendary makeup artist has never done full palettes before, previously unveiling highlight kits and matte lipstick, among other things. The three new palettes are each a unique collection of 10 shades, curated by McGrath herself, and they look absolutely stunning. Keep scrolling to see them before they launch tomorrow!

Pat McGrath Labs

The Mothership I Subliminal is the first palette (the name alone is reason enough to buy it). It houses brown and taupe neutrals, as well as a rich oceanic blue, holographic purple, and lilac. We're dying to try the lighter, shimmery shades as makeshift highlighter, too. Especially since purple highlighter is the newest makeup trend.

Pat McGrath Labs

Next comes the Mothership II Sublime Palette. This one is a bit deeper, with darker neutrals and red-toned burgundy and ochre colors, although it has includes both matte and shimmer shadows like the Subliminal Palette does. This writer, in particular, can't stop staring at that rich emerald green. In fact, I want it on my eyelids immediately.

Pat McGrath Labs

Finally, there's the stunning Mothership III Subversive Eye Shadow Palette. As you can see, this one emphasizes dark purples, browns, and blacks. We're calling it right now; this will be the ultimate night-out palette.

Each one will retail for $125. That's clearly a splurge, but we're guessing it will be worth it based on McGrath's other velvety and highly pigmented makeup products. Just don't forget they're up for sale at noon EDT tomorrow, September 28. If you're dying to get your hands on one (or all three), write yourself a note, set an alarm, and have your credit card handy. You know, just in case they sell out fast.

Which one of the new Pat McGrath palettes do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.